Green Renewable Energy: Why Everyone Needs to Understand it?

by Cornard D. Green Hydrogen
Have you ever had the feeling that global warming is doing to destroy the world and that there is nothing that you can do about it? The warming of the planet seems to be out of control so what on earth are we supposed to do?

This obvious advantage to our global environment of using energy resources that the going green review sites support and recognize as cutting edge technology are clear advantages and resources for the future.

Green Renewable Energy is the energy that comes from natural resources which are continually replenished like water, the sun, and wind. The energy companies are expected to produce a certain percentage of energy from renewable sources, however, some will agree to do more than this and sell it at a special "renewable" rate to their green customers.

Fossil fuels produce around 21.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year when our natural environment could only absorb about half of that. These greenhouse gases are the very thing that contributes to global warming. There are more fossil fuel power plants than we know what to do with and only just recently we took a stand on green renewable energy to help preserve our planet. However, although wind farms are increasing in size, only about 16% of renewable energy globally comes from green renewable sources.

Going green and reducing our carbon footprint by utilizing sustainable or renewable energy is a hot topic for both businesses and the general public. Besides lowering your energy consumption, the more popular alternative and/or renewable energy options are solar, wind, biogas, landfill gas, biomass, ego-thermal, and water.

Installing and utilizing a combination of energy-reducing measures, along with alternative/renewable energy and Net Metering can add up to some real savings for almost any commercial or industrial business. With energy rates getting expensive all the time, a lot of businesses are taking the time to evaluate options and see if it is necessary to switch suppliers.

Go Green!

If your business believes in the importance of protecting the environment, then you should also consider this fact. Look for an energy company that utilizes eco-friendly methods and services. Services that fall under this category usually make an effort to minimize carbon footprint by tapping renewable energy resources.

Green energy suppliers purchase energy that is carbon-free or carbon-neutral and sell it to their customers using a green tariff. Examples of this energy may be wind turbines, solar power, hydroelectric, biomass, or nuclear.

Wind and solar power are considered the future as far as electrical generation methods, and most people realize that over time there will be more of a shift away from fossil fuels and toward renewables, simply due to dwindling resources causing prices to rise. Essentially, there are two different elements that cause the prices of each type of power generation method to change, fossil fuels being tied to the price of the fuel source itself and renewables being tied to the cost of equipment.

Renewable energy is produced using fuel sources that have no cost, and the main production costs are made up of the replacement of technological equipment that is necessary in order to effectively produce power.

A little known fact about renewable energy production is it is closely tied to lightning strikes and surge protection equipment. The solar panels and wind turbines used in the production methods are targets for lightning strikes and the damage that those strikes cause.

As these technologies improve, we should see a reduction in cost to the point where renewables are cheaper than fossil fuels, effectively ending the debate between the two.

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