Golf Technique Expert Offers 8-Iron Distance & Accuracy Tips To Hit Like A Pro

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Sadly, the 8-iron doesn't get a lot of love! Many golfers opt for their 9-iron, 7-iron, or wedges instead when hitting short-range shots around the green. But if you can master the skills necessary to hit solid shots with your 8-iron, you can make it one of the most indispensable clubs in your bag, and Golf Online Today wants to help you do that!

In its new guide, the golf blog provides tips for improving the power, accuracy, consistency, and distance of your 8-iron shots. The guide also recommends a few drills you can do to increase your swing speed, loft, and ball contact, all of which are crucial when it comes to hitting the 8-iron like a pro.

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The first thing that Golf Online Today suggests you do if you want to hit better 8-iron shots is to unleash the power of your swing. This means developing a rhythmic swing, that is controlled and finessed, rather than just swinging the club as fast as you can.


Once you've established your swing, you can start working on things like accuracy and distance. To improve your accuracy, Golf Online Today advises you to practice a bunch of shots within a 180-yard radius of the hole, which will allow you to better understand your shot shape. They also recommend trying the Gate Alignment Drill, which is a simple drill designed to improve your alignment.


To achieve longer distances with an 8-iron, the guide urges you to work on your swing speed. One thing that you need to consider is that both your shaft and your club head need to be swung in unison, as it is their combined speeds that determine the distance and trajectory of your shots.


Most 8-irons have a 32-degree loft, and if you put your trust in this loft, you'll really be able to enhance your shots. Don't try to generate the loft you're looking for by lifting the ball at impact; instead, put more weight in your front leg, hit down on the ball, and try to make solid contact—the club will do the rest of the work!


Lastly, Golf Online Today encourages you to not be afraid to take divots when hitting your 8-iron. There is a misconception that taking a divot damages or ruins a golf course, but it is a sign of solid contact with the ball. To take divots consistently, you should position your ball ahead in your stance, shift about 60% of your body weight to your front leg, and aim to hit a piece of grass in front of the ball.


To get the most out of your 8-iron, Golf Online Today believes you should take full advantage of the club's versatility. In other words: Don't just use it for 140 to 180-yard shots—try some chip shots with it from around the green. By expanding the range of shots you can hit, you enable yourself to get out of more tricky and challenging situations on the course.

“The 8-iron is an absolute game-changer out on the golf course, and it’s a must-have in any golfer’s bag,” said a spokesperson for the website. “It’s a versatile club that can be used for a variety of shots, from approach shots to chip shots and even bunker shots. With proper technique and practice, the 8-iron can help you hit accurate shots with precision and control.”

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