Going Beyond Pad Thai: 4 Underrated Thai Dishes That You Should Try

With the help of this article we will be discussing the more versatile cuisines beyond Pad Tai that you must try and how cooking classes can help you with that. 

Thai cuisine is rich and flavorful. It contains a broad spectrum of flavors that vary from region to region - a variety so vast that two dishes or even the same dish from two different places do not taste the same. Tried-and-tested dishes like the beloved pad thai are also open to interpretation. And that is why on a visit to Thailand, if you find yourself falling back on the safe and predictable options, you are missing out on some of the best culinary experiences. Here are some underrated dishes that deliver distinctive Thai flavors in seemingly unfamiliar packages:

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1. Khao Kluk Kapit

Fresh fried rice tossed in a wok along with the aromatic kapit, which is fermented ground shrimp and salt, until the paste coats all the grains of rice - this is khao kluk kapit. Unlike ther regular types of fried rice that come filled with vegetables and meat, this variation comes with a range of toppings like chillis, shallots and sour, unripe mangoes, which makes it both colorful and flavorful.

2. Gaeng Som

When we say Thai curry, the ubiquitous green curry comes to mind, or in some cases, its milder cousin, the red curry, but there is so much more diversity in the world of Thai curry. Gaeng Som, which is mostly consumed in Southern and Central Thailand, is one of the delectable water-based curries. Served in a metal hot pot, sometimes over crispy pieces of fried fish, this curry contains copious amounts of vegetables.

3. Kana Moo Krob

If you want to consume your regular greens while also entertaining your fussy tastebuds, this Thai dish is perfect for you. It is made by stir frying crispy pork belly with chilli, garlic and Chinese broccoli, which is then tossed in a delicious oyster sauce gravy. Kana moo krob is best had with fragrant jasmine rice.

4. Suea Rong Hai (Crying Tiger)

In the Northeast region lies Isaan, a place known for its incredibly sapp cuisine - food that is super spicy, tangy and salty. Suea Rong Hai is grilled steak that is served with nam jin jao, a tear-inducing hot sauce, and a side of sticky rice.

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