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Global Bicycle Market Outlook, 2020-25, published by Bonafide Research, is segmented by Type (Road Bicycle, Mountain Bicycle, Hybrid Bicycle, E-Bicycle , and Others); by Demographic (Men, Women, and Kids), and by Geographic Region. The global bicycle market was recorded at a value of USD 43.95 Billion in the year 2015, which is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 2% during the forecast period of 2020 - 2025. Drivers of the bicycle market are buyers shifting preference toward cycling as a sport, leisure, and cardio activity.


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Asia-Pacific is the fastest-growing region in the global bicycle market, holding a share of over 45% in volume terms in the year 2020. China, Japan, Australia, India, and South Korea are some top contributing countries in the region. These countries have hosted many cycling tournaments, which will increase the popularity and demand for sports bicycles. A few years ago, bicycles were indisputable icons of Amsterdam, Copenhagen, or Barcelona. However, cycles have now made their way through Latin American cities’ maze of street vendors, parks, and streets that are not always apt for pedaling. Yet, the region holds the lowest share in terms of both value and volume. Nevertheless, with the inclining attitude towards the bicycle sharing schemes, the region is excepted to contribute to over 6% by the end of the forecasted period.
While the mountain bikes dominate the market by value, the road bikes dominate by volume. Even though the mountain bikes have a considerable fan globally, the price of the segment is higher than the road bikes, and the demand is limited to the professional and adventure riders. Thus, the mountain bikes are being recorded to hold a share of over 25% by value and less than 25% of the market by volume. Moreover, rapidly progressing infrastructure spending is also taking the form of establishing e-bike recharge stations and increasing bicycle parking and hiring stations, especially near metro stations to ease multimodal transportation is thus driving the overall market.
The leading manufacturers such as Accell Group, Trek Bicycle Corporation, Dorel Industries Inc., and Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd., in the market, are focusing on leveraging opportunities posed by the emerging markets like Thailand and India, and also to expand their revenue base all over the global market. Companies are using digital and social media advertisements to make consumers aware of the new product launches in the market.

Companies Mentioned:
Abici, A-Bike, Accell Group, Amer Sports, Atlas Cycles Limited, Avon Cycles Limited, Bridgestone, Caloi, Camplagnolo, Cannondale, Cervélo Cycles, Cube Cycles, Curtlo, Derby Cycle, Dorel Industries Inc., Firefox Bikes Private Limited, Fuji-ta, Giant Bicycles, Hero Cycles Limited, Maxcom Ltd., Merida Bikes International, Orbea, Santa Cruz Bicycle, Scott Sports, Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc, STRiDA, XDS Shenzhen Xidesheng Bicycles Co

The report answers questions such as:
1. What is the market size and forecast of the Global Bicycle Market?
2. What are the inhibiting factors and impact of COVID-19 shaping the Global Bicycle Market during the forecast period?
3. Which region outstands in the Global Bicycle Market?
4. Which are the segments to invest in over the forecast period in the Global Bicycle Market?
5. What is the competitive strategic window for opportunities in the Global Bicycle Market?
6. What are the technology trends and regulatory frameworks in the Global Bicycle Market?
7. What are the major company in the Global Bicycle Market?

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1 Executive Summary
2 Report Methodology
3 Global Bicycle Market Outlook
3.1 Market Size
3.1.1 By Value
3.1.2 By Volume
3.2 Market Share
3.2.1 By Bicycle Type
3.2.2 By Demography
3.2.3 By Sales Channel
3.2.4 By Region
3.2.5 By Country
3.2.6 By Company
3.3 Global Road Bicycle Market Outlook
3.3.1 Market Size By Value
3.3.2 Market Size By Volume
3.4 Global Mountain Bicycle Market Outlook
3.4.1 Market Size By Value
3.4.2 Market Size By Volume
3.5 Global Hybrid Bicycle Outlook
3.5.1 Market Size By Value
3.5.2 Market Size By Volume
3.6 Global Electric Bicycle Outlook
3.6.1 Market Size By Value
3.6.2 Market Size By Volume
3.7 Global Other Bicycle Outlook
3.7.1 Market Size By Value
3.7.2 Market Size By Volume
4 North America Bicycle Market Outlook
4.1 Market Size
4.1.1 By Value
4.1.2 By Volume
4.2 Market Share
4.2.1 By Bicycle Type
4.2.2 By Demography
4.2.3 By Country
4.3 North America Bicycle Market Outlook- By Type
4.3.1 Market Size By Value
4.3.2 Market Size By Volume
4.4 US Bicycle Market Outlook
4.4.1 Market Size
4.4.2 Market Share- By Bicycle Type
4.5 Canada Bicycle Market Outlook
4.5.1 Market Size
4.5.2 Market Share- By Bicycle Type
4.6 Mexico Bicycle Market Outlook
4.6.1 Market Size
4.6.2 Market Share- By Bicycle Type
5 Europe Bicycle Market Outlook
5.1 Market Size
5.1.1 By Value
5.1.2 By Volume
5.2 Market Share
5.2.1 By Bicycle Type
5.2.2 By Demography
5.2.3 By Country
5.3 Europe Bicycle Market Outlook- By Type
5.3.1 Market Size By Value
5.3.2 Market Size By Volume
5.4 Germany Bicycle Market Outlook
5.4.1 Market Size
5.4.2 Market Share- By Bicycle Type
5.5 UK Bicycle Market Outlook
5.5.1 Market Size
5.5.2 Market Share- By Bicycle Type
5.6 France Bicycle Market Outlook
5.6.1 Market Size
5.6.2 Market Share- By Bicycle Type
5.7 Italy Bicycle Market Outlook
5.7.1 Market Size
5.7.2 Market Share- By Bicycle Type
5.8 Spain Bicycle Market Outlook
5.8.1 Market Size
5.8.2 Market Share- By Bicycle Type
6 Asia Pacific Bicycle Market Outlook
6.1 Market Size
6.1.1 By  Value
6.1.2 By  Volume
6.2 Market Share
6.2.1 By Bicycle Type
6.2.2 By Demography
6.2.3 By Country
6.3 Asia Pacific Bicycle Market Outlook- By Type
6.3.1 Market Size By Value
6.3.2 Market Size By Volume
6.4 China Bicycle Market Outlook
6.4.1 Market Size
6.4.2 Market Share- By Bicycle Type
6.5 Japan Bicycle Market Outlook
6.5.1 Market Size
6.5.2 Market Share- By Bicycle Type
6.6 India Bicycle Market Outlook
6.6.1 Market Size
6.6.2 Market Share- By Bicycle Type
6.7 Australia Bicycle Market Outlook
6.7.1 Market Size
6.7.2 Market Share- By Bicycle Type
7 Latin America Bicycle Market Outlook
7.1 Market Size
7.1.1 By Value
7.1.2 By Volume
7.2 Market Share
7.2.1 By Bicycle Type
7.2.2 By Demography
7.2.3 By Country
7.3 Latin America Bicycle Market Outlook- By Type
7.3.1 Market Size By Value
7.3.2 Market Size By Volume
7.4 Brazil Bicycle Market Outlook
7.4.1 Market Size
7.4.2 Market Share- By Bicycle Type
7.5 Argentina Bicycle Market Outlook
7.5.1 Market Size
7.5.2 Market Share- By Bicycle Type
7.6 Columbia Bicycle Market Outlook
7.6.1 Market Size
7.6.2 Market Share- By Bicycle Type
8 Middle East & Africa Bicycle Market Outlook
8.1 Market Size
8.1.1 By Value
8.1.2 By Volume
8.2 Market Share
8.2.1 By Bicycle Type
8.2.2 By Demography
8.2.3 By Country
8.3 Middle East & Africa Bicycle Market Outlook- By Type
8.3.1 Market Size By Value
8.3.2 Market Size By Volume
8.4 UAE Bicycle Market Outlook
8.4.1 Market Size
8.4.2 Market Share- By Bicycle Type
8.5 Saudi Arabia Bicycle Market Outlook
8.5.1 Market Size
8.5.2 Market Share- By Bicycle Type
8.6 Qatar Bicycle Market Outlook
8.6.1 Market Size
8.6.2 Market Share- By Bicycle Type
8.7 South Africa Bicycle Market Outlook
8.7.1 Market Size
8.7.2 Market Share- By Bicycle Type
9 Market Dynamics
9.1 Key Drivers
9.2 Key Challenges
10 Market Trends & Developments
10.1 Dock Less Bicycle Sharing System
10.2 Indoor Cycling Software
10.3 Cycle to Work scheme
10.4 Cargo Bikes & Family Bicycles
10.5 Customized Bicycles
10.6 Digital Wearable Devices and Accessories
10.7 Electric Bicycle Anti-Theft Insurance And Road Rescue
11 Competitive Landscape
11.1 Porter's Five Forces
11.2 Company Profiles
11.2.1 Abici
11.2.2 A- Bike
11.2.3 Accell Group
11.2.4 Amer Sports
11.2.5 Atlas Cycles Limited
11.2.6 Avon Cycles Limited
11.2.7 Bridgestone Cycle
11.2.8 Caloi
11.2.9 Campagnolo
11.2.10 Cannondale
11.2.11 Cervelo Cycles
11.2.12 Cube Cycles
11.2.13 Curtlo Cycles
11.2.14 Derby Cycle
11.2.15 Dorel Industries Inc.
11.2.16 Firefox Bikes Private Limited
11.2.17 Tianjin Fuji-Ta Bicycle Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.
11.2.18 Giant Bicycles
11.2.19 Hero Cycles Limited
11.2.20 Maxcom Limited
11.2.21 Orbea Corporation
11.2.22 Scott Sports
11.2.23 Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.
11.2.24 STRiDA Cycles
11.2.25 XDS Shenzhen Xidesheng Bicycles Co., Ltd.
12 Disclaimer
13 Recommendation

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