Giving To Charity Without Having To Donate Money

by Joie Gahum Digital Marketer

Giving to charities and nonprofit organizations is not all about finding ways to donate money. There are plenty of other things and ways you can do to help and support a charity that you love.

Charities are not all about money. More than donations, they also welcome volunteers and talents that are willing to share their time with their causes.

Donating money is not your only way to give back or help a charity. Charities are not all about money. You can still give, without having to break your bank balance.

It is a common misconception that giving to charity requires donating money. That is not always the case. In this modern-day and world, people can help without having to give a dime to these institutions.

In-Kind Donations You Can Offer to Charity

The importance of charity in society is beyond measure. Helping charities does not require donating money at all times. In-kind donations can go further too, in saving lives and in making this world a better place.

Donating Blood

Blood donations are as good as cash donations especially for people who seek them. A perfect example is Red Cross. There are plenty of Red Cross branches and arms around the world that welcomes blood donations. Check online to sign-up for an appointment to donate or to be able to attend a bloodletting drive near your area. A healthy person can donate every two months if they decide to do so.

Donating Goods to Charity Shops

Too many shoes and clothes sitting inside your closets left unused? Consider donating it to Goodwill, GreedDrop, Salvation Army, or even Furniture Bank. Parting away from your material possessions and giving them to those who need them the most is another way to help charities. Someone’s trash can be somebody else’s treasure.

Local churches also regularly accept old clothes and blankets to be given out to the less fortunate. Books are also very much welcome for donations. Coordinate with your local community for a donation drive that may include clothes, spare computers, furniture, shoes, and other items your local school or community members may need.


Offering your time, for free is another option you can choose to help charities. There is no money involved in the process. There are plenty of local institutions and organizations that welcome volunteers that are willing to share their free time in the service of helping.

Joining donation drives, cleanup drives, or donating a few hours of your weekend tutoring less fortunate children is a great opportunity to consider yourselves to be involved as volunteers. In some cases, volunteers choose to celebrate their birthdays together with the needy to entertain and spend time caring for these people.

Donating Your Professional Skills

Some charities are underfunded that they lack the means to promote their advocacies and to reach potential donors. Here is where your professional skills can come in as an offering for these nonprofits. Organizations like The Quick Mission aids charities in propelling their online presence, through digital marketing efforts, provided for free by The Quick Mission.

Other organizations or personalities can contribute to charities without having to donate money. Promoting the charity's advocacies on social media, writing a blog about their recent projects, or simply supporting and sharing the charity's advocacies with others is also considered to be a form of help. Connect with your local charities to check how your expertise can contribute to a specific need a nonprofit organization may require.

Giving back and offering help to others does not always equate to money. You can show your talent to raise funds for a cause, promote a charity through your blog or your social media accounts, motivate others to help, or start a small group of individuals interested in assisting charities to like yourself. It all boils down to a person's willingness to help and give, regardless of whatever they may offer.

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