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You are running a quite successful business locally and now you are ready to expand your horizons. Take the next big step! A leap forward. In this age of dwindling attention span and hyped love for authenticity, getting a mobile app for your business might be the next best idea. You would want your business to grow and for this, you must get your services to the consumers rather than making them work for it.  

In the time of smartphones, every service provider is as far as a single click from the customers. Building an app for your business would not only increase your reach but will also provide a brand value to your business. The biggest question before many young businesses is, how they can build an app for their businesses? Well, there is various mobile app development company offering their services and make you a ready and deployable app, by taking your requirements into account. Code flow tech is one amongst the top app development companies, which provide app development services for businesses. 

Android App or iOS App:
Now once you have decided to take the step out into the internet world, which platform to use to launch your first app is going to be important. Two main mobile application platforms are available worldwide: Android and ios. You must identify the niche of your audience first. As, android app store dominates in global market share, whereas ios apps have larger in-app purchases and customer spending.

As it costs to launch an app on both platforms, it is a risk to launch simultaneously on both platforms. So, you must decide what your kind of audience or customer base is and thus, choose whether to go to the android app developer or iOS app developer.   

If you need a global outreach for your business then android maybe your best choice. If you target affluent western audience and you are either retail or e-commerce enterprise then iOS maybe your best hit. In this blog post, we would consider various pros and cons of both the platforms. 

Ios Apps are faster and less expensive:
ios apps have their own coding language swift, as compared to Java the language used for android applications. 
The other reason is android is an open-source platform. There is a lack of standardization. Whereas apple’s closed ecosystem is for few operating systems. 
Apple has its review system for the apps to be published on their platforms and they have a strict policy. So, it might take a longer time to get reviewed and it might get rejected if it’s not up to their quality standards.

Android Apps for higher flexibility:
Android app store is an open-source platform with higher flexibility surround which lets you develop your app according to your specifications. You have more options to customize your app as compared to ios platforms.
Every quality has its own downside. For android, it is the piracy and malware being available on the platform.
 Apple platform is more secure whereas android apps are susceptible to theft. Thus, ios is better suited for retail.

Depending on your business requirements, you should opt for the platform. The app development companies would also help you choose the right kind of platform your business needs. 
You can’t learn to swim before you step into the river. So, make your mind for getting an app for your business and choose the niche of your prospective audience and thus, choose the right platform. Whichever platform you choose and made a brand name of yours, you will find people clamoring for your different version at the other app store. 

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