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Being a successful music tutor does not have to be difficult. If you are a competent musician you already have the basic skills required. If your living room has your chosen instrument and a spare chair you have the bare necessities covered, and all you’re missing on the path to becoming a music tutor is some students!


It is said that an individual need only know one thing more than their student to be a successful music tutor, and whilst that might be true strictly speaking, it will not make you a good tutor. You need to have a competence in your instrument sufficient to confidently guide someone else.


Lesson Planning


If you are not quite that well advanced in your own talents, you can address this by being selective in those you teach. You could, for instance, only teach true beginners. Take them through the first three grades on the piano for example. In so doing you would build your teaching experience and buy time to build your capabilities, whilst earning a good income at the same time. You might also consider playing to your personal strengths and teaching a specific aspect of an instrument - jazz improvisation for example.


Doing that would allow you to focus on technique and helping a student build their chops, rather than them asking difficult theory questions of you week on week. Obviously, the joy of setting up your own music tuition business is the ability to choose a specialism, and be selective about those you teach. You can also download our free lesson plan to help structure your first lessons now!


Finding Students


So, now that we’ve talked about reducing your pitch as a music tutor to its essence, we need to find some students. In the ‘good’ old days, that would have meant flyers in shop windows, some word of mouth, begging friends and so on. But no more! Today the Internet is a music tutor’s best friend.


You need your own Internet presence. In seeking to become a successful music tutor, people need to know you are there. You could sit in your living room and declare yourself a music tutor today (if you haven’t done that, do it now!), but if nobody knows you’re there, you are unlikely to be successful.  


Setting up a Tutor Website


Second to possessing a level of musical talent sufficient for teaching, having a website of some description is ABSOLUTELY the single most important step toward success as a music tutor. Start work today. Investing money is wise, and if not possible due to circumstances, investing time is strongly advised. The skills required are easy to acquire, and tools are available to make it as easy as using a word processor or email system. Your own website gives you a platform to advertise tuition services, as well as allowing you to multiply revenue streams and cross-sell with ease. You are going to want a website. 


Getting a website in minutes


Setting up a website can be complicated, however, and the steps required can be time-consuming. The best advice for the novice music tutor is to work with a company who will provide a website for you. There are several possibilities – Wordpress is a popular option for blogs, and Wix advertise a great deal with their tools that allow the drag and drop creation of websites by people with no coding experience. Preferable in our opinion are sites geared toward the tuition community, of which there are several. A few examples:


  • Music Teacher’s Helper

  • My School Books

  • Tutor Cruncher

  • !0to8 - which isn’t geared toward tuition, but is popular


And, of course, Tutorially™, which was designed by a tutor for the specific needs of the modern tuition community and has won an innovation award for education software! We create a profile page from your profile, which makes it simple for students to find you, easy for you to advertise and a piece of cake to book lessons. Every week many tutors run successful businesses armed with nothing more than their chosen instrument and Tutorially™.


What makes Tutorially™ the Best Tuition Software for Music Tutors?


These are some of the features we offer that our ‘competition’ does not, making us the number 1 music tutor system:


  • Simple pricing

  • Unlimited students

  • Unlimited storage

  • Set individual attendance for group lessons

  • Automated reminder service for lessons – text and email

  • Custom mobile-friendly and Google indexed tutor pages

  • We help you to find Students!

  • Lesson notes for students and parents

  • Auto charge for lessons on booking

  • Student and teacher profile pictures

  • Simple lesson notes and attachment exchange

  • Multi-teacher support

  • Bespoke secure messaging system

  • Integrated Video Lessons for no additional fee!


We try to play nice, but the reality is they’re just not as good! And at the same time as offering less, they charge more!


Get your tuition business started today


You can start your tuition business in minutes with our pre-set but fully customisable profile, and if you should need any help our UK support team are at hand. We understand you aren’t always sitting at your desk waiting for bookings, which is why Tutorially works on all major devices with an Internet connection - 24 hours a day. Sign up with Tutorially™ and start earning real money as a successful music tutor TODAY!


Tutorially™ provides everything the modern music tutor needs - a platform for students to find you, a simple means for you to schedule lessons and track students, automatic reminders to maximise income, an online payment facility with accountancy data and much more. All features are available for FREE for tutors just starting out, with tiers designed to support you as your business grows. Music tutors have told us that Tutorially™ saves them double-digit hours per month, representing several hundred pounds-worth of billable time saved!

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