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Don't let your allergies stop you from taking care of a dog--check out for good recommendations on many hypoallergenic dog breeds that is right for you!

Cedar Rapids, Iowa dog enthusiast blog released a report about hypoallergenic dog breeding and how this may help protect you from pet allergies. The blog features many articles on dog rearing, dog breeding and heartwarming dog stories.

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The recently released report provides important information on how hypoallergenic dog mixes can be recommended for people like you, who suffer from allergies. For some people, unfortunately, caring for a dog is made impossible by allergies to dander trapped in pet hair. In order to bridge this gap, suggests canine breed mixes that don’t have allergens; making it possible for people like you who suffer with allergies to care for one.

According to the report, breeding different dog varieties was developed with isolating certain dog attributes in mind. For example, mixing a breed with a characteristically calm demeanor with a more energetic one may yield a breed that is somewhere in between calm and playful. In recent years, however, a demand for hypoallergenic dog mixes has increased.

According to, hypoallergenic dog breeding has progressed in the aims of providing pets that do no have the usual allergens that set off allergic reactions in some humans. Pet allergies are usually caused by proteins that are secreted and end up in dander (dead skin), saliva or urine. Different breeds produce different dander, so some dogs may produce more allergens as compared to others.

One of the first hypoallergenic dog breed mixes are those mixes with Poodles. Whether crossed with a Labrador (Labradoodle) or a Cocker Spaniel (Cockapoo), the Poodle’s curly, non-shedding coats imparted the cross breeds a hypoallergenic option. Highly recommended by, Poodle cross-breeds are perfect not just for their allergen-free traits, but for their intelligence, energy and joyfulness.

Other breeds that have been cross-bred for hypoallergenic reasons are Bichon Frises which, like the Poodle, is also a non-shedding dog; and the Xolos which are characteristically hairless except for a tiny knot of hair on the top of their heads. is blog to read for everything canine-related--call them today at +1-877-395-2064 to read more about hypoallergenic dog mixes and how you can own one today!

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