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Lips are the central facial feature which are involved in communication. Any subtle changes in the lip contours can tell about the emotions of the individual. Every person desires to have perfect-looking lips but their definition of perfect lips varies. Some feel that normal-sized lips are attractive, some find fuller luscious lips more appealing, and some like to have a thin line of petite lips. No matter what concerns of lips are to be addressed, a Lip Augmentation Surgery in Delhi offered at Aestiva Clinic offers the best solution to beautify the appearance of the lips. 

Lip reduction surgery:

Lip reduction medically termed cheiloplasty is an invasive cosmetic procedure that aims to trim the abnormally large (disproportionately larger than other facial features) or distended lips. The surgery involves the excision of skin tissues from either upper or lower lips or sometimes both (i.e. at the non-visible site) to reshape the lip area. It can even benefit people who have a double lip smile or gummy smile. 

The procedure is performed experienced and expert plastic surgeon in Delhi at Aestiva Clinic, a cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic in India. Patients can heal completely after 8-10 days of this surgery while the inflammation of lips resolves within two to three weeks. 

Lip augmentation surgery:

Lip augmentation involves surgical cosmetic procedures or non-invasive techniques that aim to create fuller, youthful, and luscious-looking lips. A fuller lip with a highlighted lip border is a most desirable feature among many men and women of any age group as it makes the lip look young and beautiful. Today, the most popular methods for lip augmentation include dermal fillers and fat grafting which are administered either into the lips or around the mouth. These provide temporary, natural results which can be seen instantly but the outcome may take some time to appear. 

Lip fillers such as Hyaluronic acid are the most common and frequently used. The procedure takes only 15-30 minutes and is associated with minimal downtime. Topical numbing medication may be applied to the lip area before injecting filler for comfort. After the lip filler is inserted into the skin of the lips then the lips must be massaged to mold the lip into a new shape. These fillers act as collagen inducers and are involved in creating a skin scaffold. Generally, these fillers last for around 6-18 months as they eventually get dissolved.

Autologous fat grafting involves liposuction to remove fat from around the belly button, its purification, and its transfer into the lips with injections under local anesthesia. After these fat injections, the lips can stay plump for 5 years or longer. In some cases, a piece of skin dermis from the lower stomach area can also be used as a tissue graft for lip augmentation.

Lip implants are the alternative surgical approach for people who want permanent results. It is an in-office procedure that can make use of implants made of either silicone or expanded polytetrafluoroethylene. In this surgery, first, the surgical site is sterilized and anesthetized by a local numbing agent. Next, incisions are made on every mouth corner. A curved alligator clamp is a special tool that is then used to create a tunnel in the lip in the same shape as the lip. 

Once the tool reaches the end of the tunnel, the clamp is opened to place the implant into the lip tunnel. The lip implant is positioned above the lip muscles and underneath the lip fat. Lastly, the incisions are closed by one or two absorbable sutures. The overall procedure ends in about thirty minutes and the patient can return home on the same day of the surgery. 

To know more about Lip Enhancement in Delhi, consult the expert cosmetic surgeon in India at Aestiva Clinic.

Benefits of lip reshaping surgery:

    • It is safe as it is carried only by expert hands of the certified or plastic surgeon who holds the knowledge of lip anatomy and is trained in its surgeries. 
    • The surgery results in minimally visible scars.
    • It helps the person achieve beautiful, natural lips and gain self-confidence and self-esteem.
    • It can provide symmetry to upper and lower lips.
    • The broad upper lips can be made slimmer and good-looking.
    • The surgery helps maintain the balance and harmony of the face by giving a youthful, sensuous lip appearance for the long term.  

To know more about lip enhancement and reduction cost in Delhi, consult the expert plastic surgeon in India at Aestiva Clinic.

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