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by Fatimah Esfahanizadeh Dr. Fatimah Esfahanizadeh
Migraines and headaches can be caused by arrays of factors, specifically neck dysfunction and hypertension caused by chronic stress. Recent studies have indicated that about 92% of individuals suffering from migraines were able to find relief through upper cervical chiropractic care. Headaches that result from an underlying medical condition are classified as secondary headaches. But when headache itself is the main medical problem, doctors categorize it as a primary headache.

Comprehensive evaluation and treatment services best manage a full range of headache conditions in both children and adults. Primary headache disorders including migraines, tension headaches, and more because certain disorders in patients can cause severe problems including celphalic neuralgias, idiopathicintracranial hypertension, intracranial hypotension, post-traumatic headaches and edication overuse headaches. For such headache treatments, your doctors can recommend you one or more treatment including medication, cognitive behavioral therapy, nerve blocks, acupuncture, botox injections and more.

Whether you are dealing with sever ache in your head or the worst symptoms related with migraines, including light and noise intolerance, nausea, vomiting, hallucination, depression, irritation, the cause may be a structural issue. When the spine moves out of passion because of developmental issues, trauma, continuous stress and other incidents, it can easily put pressure on the surrounding nerves. And when the nerves are compressed, an individual experience tightness in muscles of the back, neck and jaws. Such tightness can easily pull your bones out of alignment leading severe headaches and migraines.

Continuous headache and migraine can be a sign that there are deeper problems arising in your spinal column because very other systems in your body is impacted by your spinal health. It is truly important to deal with these issues when the signs begin to arise.

Professional Chiropractors in Del Mar CA is specialized in improving the dysfunction or subluxation of the top bones in the neck, where most migraine symptoms originate. The chiropractic technique they use do not need twisting, or cracking of patients’ necks. The specialist offer headache solutions to best eliminate the need for patients to look out pain-relieving medication or invasive surgeries.

A chiropractic treatment starts with a thorough evaluation that will rule out other possible causes of your headache and examine your spine for issues of misalignment. The well-experienced chiropractor know best to determine the exact type of treatment that is essential for the specific issue at the root of the pain. They make use of gentle and non-invasive technique to help the patients achieve adjustments to the spine and allow to store long-term health. Added with medications, they also allow you to address the cause of your headache or migraine and provide long-lasting results to improve quality of your life.

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