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Recently, bought an expensive sofa? Want to keep it clean? Then the best way is to keep it under the wraps! Sounds weird right? You must be thinking if it has to be under wraps why you invested so much on it? It is practically impossible to keep the sofa under the wraps all the time! The living room is the hub of activities at almost every season of the year and the sofas bear the burden of excessive usage. Isn’t it? From watching television to have a chit chat with friends, family and other guests, the sofa is used the most. And these frequent usages of sofas make them look dull and dirty if not taken care of properly! As we already said we cannot wrap it up all the time! But there are several ways you can use to keep the sofas clean. Let us check out some of these tricks –

Use separate sofa cushions with removable cushion covers –
By using separate sofa cushions with removable cushion covers it will be easy for you to clean sofa at home. Also, you can wipe the sofa frames with a microfiber cloth or a mild vacuum cleaner and wash the sofa covers. And if you discover coffee or tea spills, muddy hand prints of your kids or tough stains made by your pets on your valuable sofa then you can try the following things:

• Blot the spill/stain using a tissue as it will soak up as much moisture as possible.

• Use a moist tissue or cloth on the spot.

• If the spill leaves a stain then rub the spot with a mild soap solution. After that, wipe it with a clean and damp cloth.

Keep cleaning the upholstery fabric –
Every sofa is not the same! Especially in terms of fabric! And hence while cleaning the sofa the first and foremost thing that you need to keep in your mind is the type of fabric. Washing the fabric with detergent is can be considered easy but before using a detergent you must test it on an ordinary spot. Because you cannot risk your sofa fabric! Right!

Another method for cleaning sofa is with baking soda which is gentle and effective on delicate fabric. You can also clean the sofa using vinegar and warm water with a spoon of liquid detergent cleanses out stubborn stains. Borax along with warm water can be useful for removing stains of juice, wine and dark chocolates. You can also dip a cloth in boiling hot water and use the steam for cleaning the spills of coffee and tea on the sofa.

But there are certain fabrics that need specific cleaning agents such as diluted rubbing alcohol (you can use the surgical spirit from a chemist’s shop) can clean ink stains from sofas efficiently. And if there is a blood stain on your sofa you can rinse it with cold water when the blood is fresh and hot water for dried blood. Rinse it until the stain faints and then follow up with a mild detergent scrubbing. Similarly, for food spills, scrape away the particulate matter as much as possible and blot the oil stain with a tissue. To remove the stain completely you can sprinkle the borax powder on it to absorb the grease. Then brush it off when completely soaked and repeat till the oil is gone. And for removing yellow colored stains of turmeric you can use lemon juice or white vinegar. The greasy stain of lipstick can be removed using nail paint remover (acetone).

When it comes to cleaning leather sofas, you need to take extra care as a small amount of water can spoil the texture of your expensive leather sofa. But there are cleaning methods as well such as using mild soap and warm water. But remember you should not soak the leather and do avoid liquid detergent based cleansers. You can wipe out the soap with a clean cloth dipped in warm water. Again, natural leather cleaners with beeswax can be used over petroleum-based products.

All these sounds quite easy and available! Right! But do you have enough time to perform it on your own? Most of the answers will be no. We do not have that much time to clean our sofas using these home remedies! And hence it is always recommended to hire professional sofa cleaning services that carry all the essential equipment and tools to clean your sofa in the best possible way.

This article is written by Fully Carpet Clean, who provides professional sofa cleaning Fulham services. To know more about their sofa cleaning SW6 service visit

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