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by Sam Sheffield SVN Seas Adventure Co.
You may like or dislike the city of Gold Coast, but you just cannot ignore it. The city is as unique as its name with amazing scenic beauties and tons of beautiful beaches. Now, when there are beaches, you just cannot stop yourself from surfing!

A city that is located approximately 66 kilometres through the southern Eastern state of Brisbane, this coastal city has tons of beaches to offer for those surfing lovers. Since the passion and hobby of surfing have been growing at a blistering pace, today, more and more people are opting for it. Then, it becomes a chain effect – while more and more people want to learn and go surfing. There are many companies that consider amazing surf lessons Gold Coast as an opportunity for business.

Yes, you have read it right – these days, surfing experts are building fantastic business via their efforts to teach people the best practices when it comes to surfing. Some do it individually, while others open up surfing lesson schools and teach students who enrol for it. Either way, this concept is becoming a huge hit in the Gold Coast and thus, it explains the dramatic increase in surfers.

Things you are taught at a surfing school

Are you confused as to what and how will they teach you surfing? Will it be theory lessons or they will actually take you into the waters and then train you? Well, to give you a brief – the surfing experts always start by teaching you everything in theory first. They will make you go through everything you should know – be it about the waters, climate conditions, tides etc. Once the classes are done and you seem to be quite confident with it, then they will take you to the field – your water, and they will ensure that you are putting in all your theory knowledge into practicality.

While they do this, don’t worry – they will always be by your side – they will not leave you in the water. The experts and trainers will surf along with you so that they can help you correct your postures and will only leave your side when you learn to surf through the waves all alone.

While you are undergoing training, the main things that the surfing lessons will focus on are –

The body postures and balancing: This is the most important aspect you are to learn when you join a surfing school. In fact, this may be among the very first things that you learn as well. It is important for you to be able to balance yourself on the board and also alter your body postures as per changes in the waves

Paddling through waves: Once you learn to balance yourself on the board, it is time you learn to paddle through and move your way forward while waves keep coming and going. Paddling helps you to stay put on the board and surf along

Stance: This is another important thing, that you must lay your focus on. While there are different stances and ways of surfing, it is important that you find your way out. When this is said, it means that you need to identify your stance as a surfer. Your style is unique to you – based on your fears and body and it is important for you to identify that, as part of your surfing lessons.

Understanding the waves: While you have learnt most of the aspects of your body – balance and postures while surfing, it is important for you to understand the external factors as well. Waves and waters come first on the list when you are talking about anything that directly effects your surfing. You must understand each wave, and must learn how to sail and surf through it


While tourists are identifying the fun surfing brings along, they are now more interested towards learning it. These days, parents encourage kids to take this up as a hobby since childhood. That is why, if you visit the country of Australia, you may be amazed to see little kids surfing through waves in awe. Once you learn the art of surfing, no wave will scare you, because then, you will learn the art of surfing through it all.

Now, that you are all convinced to hit the beach with that wonderful surfing board in your hand, what are you waiting for? Get going and enrol yourself for some amazing surf lessons, Gold Coast. These days, there are tons of coaching schools and that is why to take utmost time to choose the best surfing school for you. This is an important step because it is vital that you learn about all safety measures as well while you are leaning on this sport.

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