Generation Z in the Role of Customers

by Adam Wakoski Blogger

Kids born from 1996 onwards belong to Generation Z. They are just different: their values are not similar to ours and their tech savviness knows no bounds. They are also not sensitive to standard marketing practices. So here are a few aspects about Z kids and teens that I think marketers have to reckon with.   

What Makes Generation Z Unique

Some people don`t believe they are different. But it’s not true. Let`s see what makes this generation one-of-a-kind:

They are impatient to what doesn`t work as intended

Generation Z people don`t remember the times when it took several days to download massive files. They`re used to the speedy Internet, properly working devices, and well developed apps. So, if for some reason a product doesn`t meet their expectations, they`re gone. The same goes for content that doesn`t catch their attention immediately. Gen Z is used to visual channels like Instagram and YouTube and prefers short messages to long heavy posts. If they don`t find your content fascinating, it`ll be passed over with no regret.

Z-s value their time

You can argue that all people value their time, but Z people do it in practice. They understand that it is better to invest some time in research to make sure they choose the best option instead of buying something just because it was advertised. Z-s know they can search for reviews on the Internet, ask a question on Q&A websites or forums to check the quality of a product or service. If they want to buy a student paper, they will ask first if a particular essay service is reliable before making a choice. For instance, if they cannot find an answer to “Is Paperwritings scam or not?” Z-s will dig deeper instaed of relying on testimonials. What does it mean for marketers? They have to ensure their SMM managers do their work properly and can handle objections.

For Z-s, value now outweighs blatant ads

Generation Z people have an innate capacity to see through the ads. They know the implicit meaning your message conveys and where your adds would lead, but they don`t care. In most cases, they ignore marketers` tricks.

Generation Z lives to change the world for the better

Young yet mindful, these guys think of how their actions will influence the world down the line. They are concerned about the planet and the effect humans’ actions make on it. Generation Z bears social responsibility and dreams to change the world for the better.

Availability matters

Z-s aren`t used to delays, non-prompt responses, or any other sort of unavailability. They want to get all at once. These guys expect 24/7 support, real-time interaction, top quality, and wide assortment even in times of natural disaster. They manage to switch from one thing to another in the blink of an eye. Today, they love your product or service, and tomorrow they`ll love another one. Their loyalty is something mysterious and probably nonexistent.

You see, Z people are tricky customers, but if you know more about their culture, you`ll be able to retain them.

Personalized Approach and Respect is the Key

Be brief whatever the case

These guys are used to multitasking: they edit a photo on Instagram, talk on the phone, and watch a film simultaneously. They don`t have time for meaningless trash. If you want to catch Z-s, make your content free of social noise. Use engaging videos and live-streaming interactions, catchy pics, photos on Instagram, short Facebook posts. All important info must go in the first two lines.

Be honest and real

Gen Z is very sensitive to cheating. If you decided to create a fake brand image, leave fake reviews about your product, or go into any other sort of deceptive practices, generation Z would learn the truth anyway. So, being real and honest is the only solution you can use when it comes to this generation.

Gen Z values practical and cautious approach to money and buying. If you want to fit in, you must offer the products that would be a wise investment rather than a quick solution to temporary whims. Great quality, the uniqueness of your brand, and personalized approach to every customer will let you retain gen Z.

Develop personalized approach to every customer

Gen Z prefers talking to people rather than talking to companies. So, don`t forget to insert the name in your message and introduce yourself in your real-life conversations. Initiate the discussions on social media platforms, give prompt and honest response to every question, and show that you value every customer. Get access to the customer`s history with your company and use this info to make your talk more personalized.

Mind the diversity

For this generation, diversity is taken for granted. Brands that value and reflect diversity are at the top of the to-buy list. Building diverse working environment and showing you support values of diverse population – all that matters to Gen Z. And all that must matter to you if you want to gain their loyalty.

Care about the world as much as Gen Z does

If your brand reflects Gen Z`s values, you`ll be able to fit in rather quickly. Develop an ethical approach to manufacturing, show commitment to the environmental sustainability, and take care of the community. If you really care about the world you live in, the youth will notice it.  

Be the company they can trust

If you want to retain Z-s, you need to make your business transparent. State which personal info you collect and how you process it right from the start. Dedicate a couple of minutes to explain why your service and products are safe. Solve disputes fairly but don`t leave your customers with nothing. Create an approach that would let them feel safe and protected because safety matters a lot to Generation Z.

Gen Z is the way new generation that thinks critically and is impatient to products that don`t work as intended. Retaining them is a huge challenge, and not every company can deal with it. However, it is not that difficult. It is just something new you have to adapt to. Create personalized approach, value what Gen Z values, care about this world, and you`ll catch them.

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