Gallbladder Stone removal - Laparoscopic versus complete Surgery

by Vickey Sharma Obesity Surgeon India

If you are suffering from problems of Gallbladder stones, you must not avoid it. If you have that dark fear of surgery, open wounds, pain, and complexity, you are getting it wrong. Modern clinical advancements have given birth to laparoscopic surgeries, which are fully effective but only partial surgery is required. It actually requires the minimal invasion. Gallbladder stones are problematic and must be removed when they start creating health nuances. The size of a Gallbladder stone may vary from a rice grain to a golf ball.

How the procedure goes...

Firstly, your doctor would do some of the initial tests including specialized x-ray which helps the surgeon in rightly locating the problem area and position of internal organs. The abdomen of the patient is inflated with carbon dioxide or air in order to get a more clearer and sharp vision of internal areas of the abdomen. Later on, general anesthesia is given which lasts for approximately two hours. A very small incision is made near the belly button and the surgeon uses a video camera attached lighted scope to internally locate and find out the target for surgery. These are inserted through that tiny incision only. Various other surgical instruments are also inserted to complete the surgical procedure. A video monitor is also finely attached to the equipment in order to get the right location and guidance for the surgery.

The anatomical and biological difference that reflects after the surgery is that the bile juice is transferred directly from the liver to the small intestine through the bile duct. No more storage of bile juice happens in the body. However, it hardly affects the process of digestion.

Laparoscopic surgery versus open surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is mostly preferred over open surgery. This happens as it calls for least chances of bleeding, infection and lessened period of recovery. Medical science has evolved drastically and has made the way to more convenient and safer options for surgery. Obviously, no one would love to enter the risk zone knowingly. That too, when they know that the same goal can be achieved without taking the larger risk factors.

Very less number of patients are reported to get the requirement of open surgery for removal of Gallbladder or stones from the body. It generally happens in the case of internal bleeding, inflammation or any other injury. Otherwise mostly, it’s an outpatient procedure and patient resumes to their normal chores within 7-10 days.

Make your best selection of the surgeon

Your hunt for the best doctor for Gallbladder surgery in Gurgaon ends here, at the clinic of Dr. Vikas Singhal. He is a specialist for laparoscopic surgery in Delhi. He is highly skilled and experienced surgeon and has a keen eye for minute observations of Gallbladder surgery. He has pursued his surgical training from specialized centers of the USA and UK. Further to this, he owns completion of five years of surgical residency from Guthrie Clinic, Pennsylvania.

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