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by Longevity Inc Industrial Mechanical

Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting is one of the most advanced and most versatile welding processes. In this technique, a high velocity jet is used that emits ionized gases through a compressed orifice. The gases at high temperatures turn into plasma, the fourth state of matter. This plasma heats and melts the work piece as it conducts electricity from the torch of the plasma cutter. It can be carried on a variety of metals such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum among many others. Plasma cutting commonly utilizes compressed air. Plasma cutting is faster in comparison to most of the other welding processes. This makes it an ideal choice for even the heavier plate applications. The main gases that are used in plasma cutting are nitrogen, argon and oxygen. Nowadays, modern plasma cutting equipment are used that works with a pilot arc between the electrode and nozzle to ionize the gas and generate plasma before the arc transfer. This welding technique is ideal for CNC or computer numerical controlled cutting since the torch is not required in contact with the work piece. These cutters are ideal for cutting sheet metal in angular and curved shapes. The pilot arc type uses a two-cycle approach where a high-voltage, low current circuit creates a small high-intensity spark within the torch, which generates plasma.

Plasma cutting can be applied in multiple areas such as:

Construction industry

Plasma cutting equipment is majorly used for fabricating purpose at the construction sites. These cutters are highly utilized for cutting large metal blocks. There is no need for the workers at the construction site to load the metals pieces and taking them back to the industries in order to obtain them in the desired size and shape. Instead they can cut the metal pieces themselves with the help of a plasma cutter. Required adjustment can be made easily by making use of these cutters.

Aircraft industry

For the preparation of several metal components that are used in the aircrafts, plasma cutting process is utilized. These components are manufactured for both military aircraft as well as commercial aircraft. Plasma cutters are used for the cutting and welding of different metal components.  

Locksmith industry

There are emergency situations when vehicles locks get stuck or the driver loses the keys, and then there is a lockout condition. In such cases, locksmiths use plasma cutters to cut the locks. They are combined with computer numerically controlled equipment and can easily unlock the vehicles.

Artistic purposes

As plasma cutters are known to generate neat and clean cuts, they are widely used by artists in various industries. They can easily make intricate patterns and designs on metals. Metallic templates can also be easily crafted with these cutters which can further be used for various other purposes.

Various benefits of plasma cutting are mentioned below:


Plasma cutters are easily moveable and portable. If you have been using traditional cutting tools then you would know what a pain it is to move these massive tools around. With technological advancements, plasma cutters are highly lightweight and have compact designs without compromising on performance. Wherever the job demands, these lightweight plasma cutters can be easily moved and are portable.


Plasma cutting implies an electrical arc to cut the metals like steel, iron, copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel and others as it can be performed on diverse kinds of metal. These cutters can also cut different materials stacked on each other with the highest cutting speed and other techniques cannot duplicate this. Plasma cutters are a perfect option for different industries that need to cut various thickness and types of metal as they possess the ability to do so. Also they enable to shape metal channels, tubes and angles.    

Creates faster and precise cuts

The cutting speed of a plasma cutter is high as compared to other tools as it is easier to handle and is a time saver. Plasma Cutter is clearly the winner over others as it takes one-fourth of the time used by any other tool. It surely saves the cutting time. Another major benefit of a plasma cutter is its precision and accuracy. With plasma cutters, you don’t need any experienced operator as a first time user can also make a clean cut. Cutting different shapes or angles with sheet metal can be easily done using a plasma cutter.

Easy and safe to use

An operator doesn’t need much training and practice as they are easy to handle and can be used efficiently. Being highly efficient these tools can save training cost of employees. Even a first time user can make a perfect cutting on the first try.

Working with a plasma cutter is safe and risk-free as this cutting process doesn’t uses highly flammable gases unlike oxy-fuel cutters.

Low Cost

Plasma cutters are comparatively less costly as it cut things faster with less waste. These cutters also consume less energy, which in turn saves your utility bills. Also, there is no need to replace plasma cutters often as most of these can be used year after year. Surely, plasma cutting is more cost-effective process over other cutting methods.  

Looking to buy plasma cutting equipment?

Consider buying from a reputed manufacturer and supplier in the industry like Longevity-inc. Their plasma cutting machines are powerful, portable, and reliable. Longevity plasma cutters have been put to the test against some of the bigger premium priced brands and with independent testing results have shown to be superior in every facet including plasma cutter consumables life, cutting capacity, cutting speed, and pricing. Their plasma cutters range from 40 amps to 100 amps and provide a pilot arc function to cut expanded metals as well as enabling the user to have an easy arc strike.

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