Future Trends That Will Impact the Odoo ERP Software

by Alex Forsyth Developer

Read this article in detail and knowledge about the different beneficial future trends that will positively impact the functioning of the Odoo ERP system. Hire Odoo Consultant for the best quality Odoo related services.  

Odoo ERP software is one of the highest tech innovations in modern times. While embracing new trends and technologies, it has been increasingly adopted by the organisations to make their work more functional and productive. While the Odoo ERP streamlines and integrates the core business operations within a single integrated cohesive unit, it also facilitates efficient decision making among the employees.  

Like everything else, the Odoo ERP setup by the Odoo Consultant in Australia is also influenced by the rapidly changing trends of the industry. Since its inception, it has come a long way and it has never stopped evolving. Now useful even for small and medium business enterprises, Odoo ERP continues to support new features and trends which has paved way for extensive functionality. Automated procedures and increasing visibility make it more cost-effective, thus obtaining a competitive edge over other software in the market. With every passing day, ERP systems like the Odoo have more to gain, not only breaking deals in terms of material requirement planning but also production-related activities.  


Some of the most prominent future trends that are most likely to impact the Odoo ERP software are as follows - 


1. Switching to cloud

By the future years, the Odoo ERP is most likely to shift to cloud-based storage. Till now some ERP systems are lagging a robust cloud integration system. This trend is of vital importance as it will completely change the functional aspect of the ERP system, modifying performance and business output even for small and medium enterprises.   

Once the cloud storage is in, one need not maintain the in-house infrastructure any more. It will be a very beneficial, comprehensive system with minimal requirement for human labour. Even those who cannot access the Odoo ERP now will be able to do so in the future.   

Cloud deployment will continue to rise with reduced costs or expenditures and even the demand for IT resources will lower. In terms of maintenance and flexibility of the Odoo system, the cloud system will attract more users everyday. Usability will rise, smaller companies will seek the added value of the system. The combination of internet and E-Commerce in the Odoo ERP will integrate every procedure, thus encouraging more collaboration than before.  


2. Internet Of Things 

IoT concept will next be integrated in the Odoo ERP software. This is the new trend, bringing in the capability of data transferring over a shared network but without any need for human-based interaction. In the case of the Odoo software, one can attach these tools, feeding all the data back to the application which is hosted in the cloud. With the IoT component, information regarding location, performance and even usage can be accessed so that the particular organisation can identify different issues concerning the unused assets or even maintenance if needed.  


3. Increased Security

In the coming years, the Odoo ERP applications will vouch for increased security measures to avoid breaches and other unknown vulnerabilities. With IoT and other technologies, data sharing will become easier which means more risk. The protection of the data is a necessity. Hence, the ERP systems will adopt more stringent means that will take care of the security. The developer will adopt risk management processes and security audits. 

Another significant method is the seamless integration of the Odoo ERP development, hassle-free with automation, tackling real-time data and even timely customer orders. The module-based structure will bring down software and hardware costs. Increased loyalty towards brands will come from connection with social media channels, sales, marketing, and customer service. Growth will be valued.   


4. The emergence of Intelligent ERP systems

The Intelligent ERP systems, even in the case of Odoo will emerge with machine learning alongside advanced analytics of data so that productive work can be augmented. The Intelligent ERP will differ from the normal ERP in that it will feature conversational and assistive experience for the users. Execution of tasks and core business processes will be done more practically by correctly analysing and evaluating information, forecasting the right results, managing data and reporting it timely.   

This system will also be able to learn from exceptions, adapting to the changing rules in the market. A self-maintained ERP system will always go for high-level endeavours.   


5. Mobile Accessibility

The new Odoo ERP systems will go mobile, which means that one can access it on their smartphone device. In a workplace where an uncountable number of employees work together, the accessibility of the ERP on the mobile will simplify the work execution. The pace of work will increase. Decisions will be made faster, visibility of data and other information will increase. Both the back office and front office operations will be available on the mobile. The administration can manage all the key business operations seamlessly and on-the-go. Mobile usage of the Odoo ERP will give unparalleled flexibility for the users of the organisation.   

Another significant advantage of mobile ERP is that it will contribute to upgraded infrastructure, with the input of additional resources, both externally and internally. The future of the Odoo ERP system is therefore very bright.  

Alex Forsyth is an expert Odoo consultant in Australia of a reliable company named Envertis Software Solutions. The author has discussed the future trends which will positively impact the Odoo ERP software and how the users will be benefitted from it.

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