Future Of SEO: How AI & ML Impact Business

by Robert Smith Technology Expert

Search Engine Optimization, you would have often heard about this term, and if you have landed on this page, then you would be knowing about the same and want to explore how AI can impact SEO. One of the key functions of SEO is to increase the ranking of the website and drive more traffic towards it. There are various things that work towards this. 

When we talk about some of the most advanced technologies, then AI and ML are something that you cannot ignore. In recent years, we have seen a growing use of both these technologies to transform the functioning of machines. These technologies are being used to develop new applications and software that will eventually enable the machine to promote human-like thinking.

Over a period of time, SEO has also modified, and there are various changes that have emerged in it. But, one of the biggest changes that we have seen is when Google introduced RankBrain in 2106. This is a machine learning algorithm that identifies patterns and bucket data; it eventually led to the identification of a new system that led to analyses of new Google Search. After this, SEO has changed a lot. It has evolved with the use of AI and ML, thereby creating a better search result. And in the years to come, we are going to witness the impact of SEO via images, videos, voice search, and pre-trained models. 


How is AI going to impact the content strategy?


One of the first areas that we need to consider is the content strategy. In the times to come, content is going to be the king, and it greatly impacts SEO. Every company is now emphasizing creating content that is user-engaging, and at the same time, it can impart useful information. It will eventually help you in optimizing the work that matches the specification of Google or any other search engine. 


AI is used by companies to analyze data and collect customer’s data, which eventually is helpful in framing the structure of the content. Overall it helps in creating content which the consumers are looking for or are searching. This will again help in making the content more engaging.


An example that we want to quote is here is of Kia. The company collaborated with an influential and influencer marketplace that uses AI to suggest influencer companies. With the help of this demographic data, influencers can match their brand with influencers, which will help them read target customers—Kia partners with Super Bowl Commercials for this. 


Search engines and the role of machine learning

The search engine is an integral part of SEO. Over a period of time, SEO has become smart. Earlier, it was the need for the use of the right keyword or keyword density, metadata optimization, and adding new content to the website. But, now, SEO has improvised its ranking system. One of the trends that we would like to quote here is that in 2020, around 50% of the search will be voice-based. Google analyzed this rising trend and then designed its Google Assistant to understand the natural conversation. 

Moreover, Google has also added more content to its search engine so that they successfully foretell search inquiries, and the same is applicable to Google maps location searches. 

The algorithm has also become more adept at offering up images in search as Google images have 1 billion visitors. 

Google is also making use of machine learning to improvise service. There are a variety of channels for consumers to search for what they are looking for. The marketers have to use the same tools so as to make their website and content as per the requirement of the search engine. There are various tools like Moz, which will help you benefit from keyword usage, organizing content, monitoring the maneuverability of a page, thus meeting the basics of optimization. These tools can also remind you to use images while framing content. They are thereby making the content which the user is going to like. 

The Future Thoughts

Search engines will continue to evolve over a period of time. The tase of the consumer is highly dynamic, it changes with time, and for the system to become adept to the changes, they need to use such tools which are going to help you make your content consumer friendly and search engine friendly. 

Having the right skill is going to help you with the same. Most of the companies are going to hire experts in AI and ML so that they can bring in their expertise and make the system optimized as per the requirement. Hence, there is going to be greater demand for such a skilled workforce. It is a lucrative career option, and if you, too, are willing to become an Artificial intelligence expert or ML expert, the Global Tech Council is going to offer you the right platforms for the same.

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