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So you are planning to move to a new city? Search for new location, new work and yes new house in a decent place too. No surprise all this will cost a lot. But the expenses seems not to end. As you have to fill your new space with necessary amenities too. Working without adequate amenities is nearly impossible.

No matter the duration of stay: long or short, one look for a home with basic essentials. These days rentals furniture has come as a big rescue for people who are always on move. Be it the students, individuals, families, or military people. By just renting the necessary furniture you are saved from the furniture transition, purchasing cost and end up saving more. Check out latest Pepperfry offers on rental furniture.

Pros of renting: You shouldn't miss!

Cost saving: so why people rent things? In one word its cost effective in the short run! Just imagine renting few basic furniture pieces will lie in the range of Rs 10,000 - 15,000. Now imagine going to buy these new fresh pieces. Even after discount, it will cost you easily Rs 35,000. Hmm... seems too much? Well, not nearly as buying furniture will cost you additional expenses too. This includes delivery charges, maintenance cost, and if relocation happens, then transition cost too. Indeed it's not a smart move to bear so much cost at the start of your career or if you are always on move.

Need change! Furniture change!: when you buy a furniture it involves so much of calculation. One has to consider the space, size, color, design and lots more. But after few months, either it fails to fulfill the purpose, no more in use or looks dull and boring. Rental furniture free you from all this occurrence. Rental furniture comes with a time frame, so no more regrets if the furniture fails to fulfill the need.

Fit for the long & short term: Rental furniture is for short-term use! Right? No, wrong. In fact rentals for short term is a popular misconception among people. If you like the furniture you can extend the lease or even buy it by paying just an additional amount.

No additional expense: Rent furniture no just comes with slashed prices but also with other expense cuts. This includes delivery, installation, and maintenance cost. The furniture is delivered and fixed with no cost burdened on the user. These are the charges bore by the rental agencies.

What's the downside?

Nothing is absolutely perfect, so even renting furniture comes with a certain limitation. However, it's for the user to see how far the negatives affects you. So it's important to look the downside and make a wise decision.

Limited choices: It is true that rental agencies offer limited choices of furniture to rent. You might lack in options. However, it's wrong to generalize all rental stores in one category. So if you could find the store that meets your taste, don't miss it!

Damage cost: while renting furniture do free the user from a lot of expenses, it still holds you accountable for the damage cost. There are some travel agencies that ask for damaged cost too. However, not all fall into this category. So again look for the ones that either ask minimal or no cost.

Advance payment: advance payment is the rule of nearly every industry. So rental agencies are no different in this regard. But unlike many, pepperfry rentals are again free of advance payments. You can actually shop with zero amount. Don't believe? Check on your own and make the wise decision.

These are some of the pros and cons of rental furniture for your new apartment. So what you think, is rental furniture sounds budget friendly?

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