Fragrance Oils Vs Essential Oils - How Does It Differ

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When it comes to finding how to start a DIY protect, whether it is homemade candles, soaps, or perfume, you always have two main options- essential oils and fragrance oils.

While it may seem like the only difference between essential oil and fragrance oil is just one word, there are some things that differentiate fragrance oils from essential oils.

Fragrance oil vs essential oils- what is the difference?

The real difference between essential oils and bulk fragrance oils is that the later is manufactured in the lab while the former is made from natural materials.

The difference comes from the ingredients that each of these oils is composed of, and where the ingredients are really sourced from.

What Are Fragrance Oils?

Fragrance oils are man-made. These are manufactured for imitating a naturally occurring scent. These are created in the lab, meaning all fragrance oils don’t come fully from nature. There are two broader categories of fragrance oils-natural and synthetic.

  • Synthetic Fragrance Oils

Synthetic cheap fragrance oils are made from artificial chemical components that aren’t found in nature. Several commercial products choose synthetic oils since they hold fragrance for a longer time than naturally occurring fragrances.

Dollar stores bring an amazing collection of fragrance oils where you can buy in bulk and save more on your purchase. On a cosmetic label, the fragrance oils may be termed as perfume, fragrance, etc.

  • Natural Fragrance Oils

Don’t get fooled by the name- the fragrance oils are man-made in the lab. Natural fragrance oils get the name because these are made by isolating naturally derived fragrance components from complex scents. Such natural fragrance oils include lemons, vanilla, geraniol from roses and more.

Uses Of Fragrance Oils

There are several uses of fragrance oils, many of which you can use in everyday life even without knowing. Fragrance oils are ideal for use in crafts or as home-scents.

Some of the other places you can use cheap fragrance oils include scented candles, scented message oils, scented creams and soaps, scented lotion, etc.

How Long Are These Fragrance Oils Good For?

The average shelf life of fragrance oils is from six to 12 months, depending on what the oil is composed of. These can last longer of you store under proper condition, which a cool and dark place.

However, you will be able to tell if the fragrance oil has gone bad if it smells off, bad or different, or if the scent fades faster than it should.

Interestingly, fragrance oils are of different types and each has its use. You can use it as per need as these come in a wide range of aroma such as citrus, flower based, etc.

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