Four Ways to Rejuvenate the Skin

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If the wrinkles and fine lines bother you for long, you can visit the nearby acupuncture centre and avail of their Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Oro Valley. It has been helping many people to regain the lost glow of their skin.

Acupuncture had been the method of therapy for a long time. Using sterile needles for stimulating the acupuncture point of their body has been highly effective for the intrinsic healing of their body. However, they have come up with electro-acupuncture therapy at the Cosmetic Acupuncture near me intending to make the procedure more effective. They want to stimulate the healing process at a higher level and faster than possible with a manual technique application.

The saying goes that beauty is only skin deep, but it should be updated to note that many times imperfections are similarly shallow. The fine lines and clogged pores that can make a face look older are often easily addressed by simply getting rid of the skin where they are found. The dermatologists at Dry Needling Treat Sports Injury Oro Valley offer numerous treatments that do just that. Here is a brief look at four of them:

·        Chemical Peels

Within this category alone there are several variations, but all of them work the same way: A strong, acid-based solution is applied directly to the skin and left to work for a set amount of time. The outer layer will later peel away. This accomplishes two things: It gets dead cells and debris off of the face, and it promotes natural rejuvenation.

·        Microdermabrasion

As opposed to covering the entire face at once in a peeling solution, microdermabrasion involves buffing the dead skin cells away from top to bottom, cheek to cheek. The ultimate result is much the same, in that healthier-looking, younger skin is revealed and collagen rejuvenation is kick-started.

·        Dermaplaning

Similar to microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning is a treatment that mechanically removes dead skin cells, but it involves manual action from a cosmetic professional. Working directly on the skin with a special tool, the derma planer will exfoliate to remove unwanted cells and encourage healing.

·        Laser Skin Resurfacing

Short pulses of energy from a specially designed laser make this a non-invasive treatment that promotes collagen production without ablating—or removing—the skin. The resulting rejuvenated collagen can improve the look of everything from fine lines to visible scars and marks.

Patients are not expected to know which of these treatments would work best for their skin. The Catalina Foot Hills dermatologist team can suggest an ideal plan after a consultation tailored to the individual. So, if you think that their skin is showing signs of aging like wrinkles under the eye or the appearance of fine lines, then you should immediately book an appointment at the Catalina Foot Hills dermatologist. They promise to make their visit worth the time and money that you spend.

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