Four Main Parts of a Spray Foam Equipment System

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There are certainly vital components of this machinery that you should be familiar with. The spray foam machine is the main core of this system; it handles the most critical tasks and is the heart of the operation. It has the highest quality and working standards, so choose the best spray foam equipment supplies online.

Spray foam is applied directly over the area to be insulated. It is a relative of foam board insulation, which uses a material quite similar to foam core boards, with the main difference being the insulation method itself. There are four main components when it comes to the equipment required to produce and apply the insulation.

· The foam machine (aka the proportioner)

· The heated hose

· The spray foam gun

· The transfer pumps

Each of these pieces of equipment is crucial for the application of foam insulation. To spray, you must buy used spray foam equipment there are no shortcuts. Knowing a little bit about what each of these pieces of equipment does is essential.

The Foam Machine

Without a doubt, the foam machine is the most critical and, therefore, the most costly component of the entire setup. The machine (also called the proportioner) heats and proportions the two components of the spray foam's chemicals to an exact volume of 1:1 and passes that along to the heated hose.

The Heated Hose

The hose connected between the foam machine and the spray foam gun is a two-hose design that keeps the material separated and heated (the A and B components). At the same time, it travels the required length to the gun, typically around 200 feet, not to exceed 400 feet. Because the large foam machine is often mounted on a mobile spray foam rig/trailer, the hose is a necessary item that is pulled into the house or building so that it can spray the desired area.

The Spray Foam Gun

The spray foam gun is connected to the machine via the heated hose. The gun mixes the materials and sprays them on the desired surface. To properly spray the chemicals and create a good, even mix of the material, the guns most often operate with approximately 100 CFM of supplied air.

The Transfer Pumps

The transfer pumps are two separate, air-driven pumps placed in the chemical drums of the spray foam. One is for component A and one for component B (55-gallon drums). The pumps pull material from the drums and feed it to the heating and proportioning process, starting the machine.

These components help insulate your house successfully. Instead of foam board insulation, spray foam insulation can be used. Consider buying used spray foam equipment.

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