Fortnite Weapon Upgrade Bench: Where to Upgrade & Sidegrade Weapons

by Peter Anderson Writer

The level of increase depends on the spending level of materials from the loot. It helps you to use these random objects, which remain unused in the game. As the rarity of weapon increases, it will help to tackle your enemy in the game.

The biggest question is where you can find these benches? This article will help you to find the location of these, which is spread all over the map. Due to many locations, you don’t have to go to any single specific place. These different locations work the same. So, you can go to any location to increase the level in exchange for your loot. If you are playing the Trial Challange of TNTina’s, then these locations will help you to sidegrade your weapon.

Now, if you wish to find the location, then you should follow this article.

Locations of The Bench

There is a total of 24 spots where you can find the Bench. These are spread all around the game. The maximum number of the location is present on the north island (8 to be specific). But if you don’t want to search for a lot of areas, then you should land on the central island. 

In these locations, you have to go to the buildings to find the Bench. There is not a single bench that you can find in the open. So, when you reach these locations, and you can’t see the Bench out, then do not get confused and stressed out find the building in the near vicinity and go in that building, and when you enter that building, start searching for the Bench. You can use these locations multiple times, so you don’t have to worry about the fact that you have used that location’s Bench. So, your complete squad can use the single Bench to upgrade their weapon. The only condition is that you have enough material from the loot to buy the upgrade.

How to use the Bench

Once you find a bench, then you have to choose whether you want to upgrade the weapon or just sidegrade (decreasing the rarety of the weapon) the weapon. According to the level you want your weapon to upgrade (or degrade), you have to pay in the form of the building material. Generally, for the single-level upgrade, you have to donate the 20 units of the building material. The degradation of the rifle is part of the challenge, and that is the reason why you have right now only this option is available in the game. After some time, the upgrading option will be appearing there.

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