Foods That Cause Gas, Constipation, Diarrhea, And Bloating

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Discomfort, pain, and bloated' — does any of these describe the way you feel after having your meal? If yes, it is nothing but gas. This could be due to the food you just had. There are some foods that may cause digestive problems — gas, in this case.

Digestion problems that you may face due to your food include gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. If you have a bowel disease like irritable bowel syndrome, gas and bloating can occur more often. There are certain foods you must keep off your plate to avoid digestive trouble. Watch for foods that trigger your bloating so that you can start avoiding these foods.

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Here’s a detailed account of foods people experiencing gas and bloating need to avoid:

1. Stay away from greasy foods

Potato chips, fried chicken, French fries, cheese, and pork sausages are some examples of greasy foods. High amounts of fat in foods are the hardest to digest. Your digestive system works very hard when you eat fatty foods causing indigestion and gas. Replace butter and solid fats with olive oil or canola oil.

2. Limit intake of milk and milk products

If you are an adult who is lactose-intolerant, here is important information for you. People who are lactose-intolerant, lack the enzyme lactase, which is necessary to break down lactose (milk sugar). This dairy product can severely hurt your digestive system. This can result in gas and bloating. It can also lead to diarrhea. Besides milk, other dairy products such as ice cream, cheese, and yogurt also contain lactose. Avoid dairy products. Try soya milk instead.

3. Avoid excess of wheat and whole grains

Surprised to see your daily food on the list! Don’t be, because the starch in wheat can cause indigestion. Most commonly, whole wheat and bran cause 58gas. Wheat contains fructose; fruit sugar in simple words. Fructose, when left undigested, may ferment in the large intestine and cause gas.

Whole grains contain high fiber, which is why it is treated as a healthy food. However, many of us are unable to digest this fiber. A sudden increase in fiber in your food may cause bloating and indigestion. You may even feel constipated. You must drink water to prevent this condition.

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4. Do not eat beans and legumes

Love to eat beans! You may need to avoid it. Beans contain indigestible sugars named oligosaccharides, which cause flatulence and gas. Your intestine needs to work very hard to digest this and thus leads to unwanted bloating, gas, and acidity.

To avoid the gas effect from this protein food, make sure to soak all types of beans and legumes for at least an hour or 2 before cooking it.

5. Say no to mushrooms

Mushrooms contain raffinose which causes gas since it does not get fully digested in the small intestine but goes for fermentation in the large intestine.

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