Food That Can Boost Your Calcium

by Swetha So Analyst

Calcium is the only mineral that is present in huge quantity in our human body. We have calcium in our bones and teeth. Our body growth very much depends on the calcium level in our body which in turn points out at the bones formation and development. At the same time, calcium is needed for a healthy tooth care and a deficit of this can lead to many health issues which we really don't want to have! So here are tips on the foods that are high in calcium content. You can go for that if you want to increase your calcium level or if you are already a deficit of it. You also get many calcium supplements India.

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Bone calcium is likewise utilized as a capacity zone to release the calcium into the bloodstream when it is required. Calcium is required for far beyond bone development. Eating calcium rich foods makes it workable for our body's to accomplish ideal nerve transmission, Blood clotting and  Muscle Contraction, Hormone Secretion. buy multivitamin to get Calcium as well. They also help in the increasing the calcium intake.

Blood calcium is highly controlled as it plays many important functions in the body like one of them being balancing of your body acid levels.We can keep our body in check by consuming pre and probiotic capsules that will promote a healthier digestive system.

So here are tips on the foods that are high in calcium content. You can go for that if you want to increase your calcium level or if you are a deficit of it.

1.Dairy sources

Milk and the other dairy products are a source of calcium to your body. You now also get low fat and fat-free dairy products which can help you in keeping fit at the same time will boost up your calcium.They also provide other essential nutrients as well that is useful for your body.

2. Kale (Leafy vegetables)

They are a great source of nutrients with fewer calories means when it comes to potassium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K. They are fiber food that can keep you strong.  They are an also a means of contribution to your daily calcium intake.


Along with other vitamins like C, K, A and broccoli being a fiber food, it is said that each cup of broccoli consists 74 gms of calcium.


Soy Food is a good source of calcium for the body. It said that one and a half cup cooked soybeans contain 88 gms of calcium in it. Some brands in the market make Soya out of calcium sulfate, so these will have calcium intake somewhere between 120 and 750 mg.

5. Almonds

Almonds are a high source of calcium and can beat milk as well when it comes to the intake of calcium they can give. One cup of almonds provides 378 mg of calcium when compared to one cup of milk which consists of 300 mg of calcium intake.

6. Okra or Lady’s finger

Okra is a good source of multiple nutrients like Proteins, carbohydrates, folic acid, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Vitamin A, dietary fiber, potassium, calcium, and iron.

With all these essential food being a part of your day you can be sure that you are having good sufficient intake of calcium.

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