Five Reasons Why Working Hard Demands Playing Hard Too

by Jason Walter Marketing Manager at Creative Recreational Systems
As we grow up and start our jobs, we give up on the most important element of our teenage life i.e. Play. We are so engrossed in our targets and working hours that we seldom spare time for joyful play. Last week we celebrated a recess at work day featuring many games and fun activities. It reminded me of children playgrounds with creative commercial playground equipment and all the activities they do. This is what I learned from a day of playing during the recess.

1. Promotes Creativity

Playing not only energizes our bodies but also our brains. When we play, we exercise and stretch our imaginations. We think over possibilities on dealing with the situations that arise during the play. For example, when I play a board game, I am constantly thinking about what possible moves my opponent can make. This makes my brain work sharper and dig into more possibilities of solving a problem in tight situations. Our skills are honed as we play and reasoning ability is polished. 

2. Maintains a Healthy Heart

When we don’t play, we develop more common health issues like high blood pressure. This increases the risk of heart attack. Playing just 30 minutes a day can significantly decrease the pressure on your heart. Doing regular aerobic exercises and the relaxation that comes with the play can improve the health of our heart. So playing more is directly proportional to becoming healthier and reducing the risk of heart stroke. 

3. Hones Social Skills 

If you have watched kids playing at commercial playground equipment areas, you will notice one thing; even the shiest of kids make friends there. This is because playing develops a sense of community within us. The team-building games at work boost trust among the team members. With games, they are more likely to cooperate and collaborate. Even if the peers play indoor games like puzzles or play cards, playing builds a sense of community and connection. In the end, we achieve tasks together and taste success together. 

4. Stay Sharp and Reduce Stress

Every adult at job experiences stress in some form. Being playful helps us fight with stressors at the job in particular and in life in general. We are less likely to seek refuge in escape strategies if we play regularly. A playful life empowers us with tools that can be used in during the stress situations. 
On the other hand, with less stress, our brain has more capacity for solving problems and completing puzzles. Reducing stress leads to a sharper brain. We get a brain boost when we do yoga and add board games to our schedule. 

5. Improves Productivity

Playing gives us opportunities to have more fun at work. Having fun means we work smarter and harder. If you are feeling bored and derived of ideas at work, a simple play break can reboot your brain and boost your productivity when you return to work. 

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