Five Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

by Anna Everson Writer
In a world where everyone has access to the internet, there are thousands of articles you can read on how to succeed in blogging. Some offer similar advice, and others have opposing ideas. Whether or not you follow these are ultimately up to you, the blogger, after discerning which is more likely to work.

What expert bloggers fail to tell you, however, is what not to do when blogging. Here are some common pitfalls of start-up blogs, and how to avoid them.

1. Unoriginal content
Sure, you want to model your blog or type my essay for me after a successful one, but it doesn’t mean you have to copy their content, too. If you can’t think of an original idea, then there really will be little or no success for your blog. The internet is filled with hundreds of blogs on a similar topic.

Do your best to stand out. If you must draw an idea from an existing one, make it your own by adding a different twist or writing style to it – something that will make your blog unique.

2. Laziness in posting regularly
Putting up a blog demands your time and dedication, just like an actual job. Starting a blog means that you have to constantly work on it, even after writing your first posts.

Good content is only half the effort. The rest is being consistent in posting new articles – be it once a day or twice in a week. Even for a new blog, you should always assume that your readers expect new content from you every time they visit your blog.

3. Building your articles from keywords
SEO experts will probably tell you this works, but only if you want traffic for your blog. Keywords are a nuisance to a great article. It stunts your growth as a writer, and makes your content sound like it was coming from a robot and not a real person. Sure, it will get you the visits you want, but it doesn’t really contribute to your blog’s credibility as a whole.

4. Being anonymous
Putting a face to go along with your blog is the most personal thing you can do. If you want to be a blogger who has a relationship with your readers, then you have no reason to be anonymous. With so much automated content in the internet, people feel better knowing they are actually reading an article from a real person. Besides, if you want to grow your blog, you need your readers’ feedback and continued support.

5. Being a diva
Like celebrities, bloggers can generate fans over time. Regardless if you have a thousand or a dozen, never ignore them. Your blog’s success is partly because of your avid readers and they deserve nothing less than your appreciation. Reply to your readers’ comments and e-mails. Start a healthy discussion with them. Acknowledge their contributions. In this manner, your blog becomes a community of like-minded people discussing a certain topic. As a result, your blog posts add more value to potential readers as well.

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