Fitbit Charge 3 Is a Good Deal If You Don’t Need GPS

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Let us take you to 2018 when Fitbit introduced Charge 3 to the market. It is one of the gadgets with a sleeker design that can track your simple fitness and also monitor your heart rate, sleep time, and your calorie burn during exercise. 

This year, the Fitbit comes with Charge 4 with some add-on features like in-built GPS. But in reality, you don’t need GPS as it is already available on your smartphone. And ordinary people will carry their smartphones with them. So, in that way, Charge 3 is still a better deal, if you need any Fitbit band. Even there are a lot of similar features in both the Fitbit.

Here in this blog, you will get to know the fundamental difference between Charge 3 and Charge 4. And you will also get your answer why Charge 3 is fine if you don’t need Charge 3.

Fitbit Charge 4: Released With Major Upgrades

When Charge 3 compared with Charge 4, you will find three major updates in Charge 4. The first one is the in-built GPS. With the enable of the GPS feature in the Fitbit, you can go for the morning walk or jogging without your phone and track the route and distance covered. You can enable seven modes of activities in GPS mode like running, hiking, walking, and many more. If you want to get the GPS, then you may need to sync your device in the Fitbit application, and from there, you can watch the workout intensity.

The second and crucial feature is the Active Zone Minutes. It may help you in setting the daily or monthly goal in achieving the heart rate during a workout, and it also set these goals concerning your age. For doing moderate exercise in a Fat burn Zone, you will get a credit, and you can double that credit in every minute if you do vigorous activity in the peak zone. The idea behind this zone activity is the recommendations coming from AHA or American Heart Association and WHO or world health organization. These recommendations will help anyone to accomplish their daily, weekly, or monthly goal. 

It’s human psychology that when someone achieves something and finds it helpful, then they push harder to accomplish a new set of goals. Real-time alerts will give a buzz on your wrist that tells you that you have entered the new zone, so you can push yourselves to reach to the new zone. It also helps you with providing a detailed summary of your heartbeat in your application after the exercise. But there are more chances that this feature can also be available on other Fitbit bands too (including Charge 3).

The third major update is Charge 4 is the first fitness tracker that comes with the Spotify music application. It allows you to access and control the music from one of the popular streaming sites just from your wrist. You can play music, skip songs, and shuffle songs.

There are few other things that are worth this band. Charge 4 is available with the sleep mode that enables mute notification.

Why Charge 3 is An Ideal Deal?

There are tons of new and upgraded features in both Charge 4 and Charge 3, like heart rate zone, fat burn zone, workout intensity map, and many more. Through the application, you can also get a fitness score and also track your sleeping detail and optimize your workout. The application can also score your sleeping habits and can also help you in monitoring your heart rate (Even when you are in a resting position). Both are designed in such a way that anyone can wear them for all-day and available with e swim-proof design.

Both the bands have customized clock faces, selection of accessories, and greyscale touch screen. For females, both products have specific health tracking, and goal-based exercise always reminds you to stay active and hydrated most of the days. And if you see both the products based on battery life, then both offer 7-days tremendous battery life.

You know that GPS tracking is also available with Charge 3, but for accessing the GPS feature, you may need to connect your smartphone to the band, so track the place and distance covered. It means the GPS will work when you carry your mobile with you.

Yes, Charge 4 has the upper hand when talked about the application portion, but don’t need to be worried as Charge 3 will also have these too. It includes any new content, which is part of the paid and premium subscription. The application was launched with some tools from the brand like Physique 57, Down Dog, and barre3.

If you want additional features of Fitbit Charge 4, then you should go for the Charge 4. If you usually go for running, walking and hiking, then you can go for the Charge 4, But there are fewer chances that you will go for the vacation without your smartphone, so buying Charge 4 for the only GPS is not a brainer decision.

Yes, Charge 4 has an added benefit of being able to listen to the music on Spotify from your wristband. While the Active Zone minutes are one of the super cool features for anyone who loves workout and always ready to push themselves for keeping themselves healthy, the band will also help you in ensuring the work out with the daily activities. These all features will also be going to be a part of the Charge 3 in the near feature. So, if you wait for some time, then you will get the Charge 3 Fitbit upgraded version.

Right now, Charge 4 is $50-$70 more expensive than the Fitbit Charge 3. If you go for Charge 3, then it will be a good deal because it can do everything that Charge 4 can do. The application will also offer a view on the data consumed by your device, regardless of the device you used. Therefore, you will get all the features of Fitbit 4 in Charge 3, if you wait a bit. If you want to experience Active Zone Minutes on Charge 3, then the company will be going to launch this feature in this band Zone.

Charge 3 is the oldest brand, and it is prevailing in the market from the last two years. It is considered ancient in the world of technology.


Having Charge 3 is the worth investment for those who want a fitness tracker and want to track their health elements without paying an extra penny, and if you can wait a little bit more, then you will get all the features of the Charge 4 in the Fitbit of Charge 3.

Rdx Tango is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at Blogs Hunt, and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

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