Find you’re Business: Here are the Top 10 Ideas for Doing Business in 2020

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Here are the top 10 ideas for doing business of the year

So if your goal is to generate good income, be your own boss, if you want to do business by managing to create your business from scratch and without spending a lot of money, then you must choose one of the innovative ideas for doing business that I am about to suggest.

Here are the top 10 ideas for starting your own!

1. Senior care service

An activity that can be ideal for those looking for an idea to do business that offers profits and does not require an excessive sum to start is that of assistance to the elderly.

An elderly care service provides that they can be supported in various activities such as: cooking lunch and dinner, cleaning the rooms, the possibility of caring for their pets, or they can also help the elderly with a car sharing service, so as to take them where they prefer when they need it.

The services that can be offered are really many; the important thing is to start your approach to this activity in the best way. First of all, you can choose to advertise on social networks and in the areas most frequented by elderly people, after which you can better organize your assistance work for the elderly according to the requests.

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2. Amazon FBA

The Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA program allows those who want to sell their products online through one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world.

This program therefore allows you to sell  various types of product directly on the Amazon store , such as those you already sell in your store, which you create yourself, or which you buy wholesale or from other e-commerce and then choose to resell on Amazon .

By choosing the Amazon FBA program it is possible to sell online easily, in fact it is possible to let the group manage: packaging, shipping, storage, customer service requests and even returns.

The sellers therefore have the sole responsibility of sending their products to the Amazon fulfillment center and creating the list of products to be sold within the store. The proceeds will be managed by Amazon, which will send them to the seller based on sales made on a weekly basis.

What can be sold on this platform? The products that can be sold are innumerable, the main ones are:

Ø  Original products that the seller chooses to manufacture following the relative site specifications.

Ø  Products purchased in the warehouses of national and local wholesalers. Wholesale suppliers that offer discounted products such as those you can buy on Alibaba. Purchase discounted products online or in retail stores. With Amazon FBA you can enter the world of retail without the need to spend huge amounts on the creation or advertising of a shop or e-commerce.

3. Specialized jobs

Today among the best ideas to start up on your own is that offered to those who want to try their hand at specialized work. The manual jobs over time are going to disuse; often parents push their children to consider jobs without a degree as unsuitable.

In reality, trade and specialized jobs can offer satisfying careers and the possibility of creating a steady income.

Among the most requested specialized jobs there are those in the field of:  welding, carpentry and general construction, hydraulics, control of electronic and electrical systems, testers of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, train drivers and masonry works.

These professions specialized in a technical field are ideal for those who want to pursue a career independently.

4. Software development

Today, those who are able to develop software efficiently are increasingly sought after. These minds capable of carrying out computer engineering jobs are increasingly in demand by large and medium-sized companies.

But this job not only allows you to find a job with a good salary, but also offers the possibility to open your own business and thus work for various customers obtaining greater profits.

Those who develop software are ideal for freelance jobs and to start a business independently because they can work on developing more software even in the same month; moreover this figure is in great demand both online and by physical companies, which often prefer request the consultation of an external professional, without having to hire a specific figure.

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5. Meal delivery

Lately, the activity that provides the delivery of healthy, dietary meals or that follow a specific food line to those who do not have the time to prepare healthy meals for themselves is also spreading in USA.

Meal kit services represent a thriving business that can give good results also in the future. For example, in the United States this has reached a turnover of 10 billion dollars.

Meal delivery is an ideal activity for all those who love to cook and want to prepare healthy meals with specific cooking methods that are ideal for providing the service offered.

So in addition to knowing how to cook, we also recommend studying the main food styles , counting calories, understanding how to prepare vegan or vegetarian dishes. With the right culinary preparation and food knowledge you can create your meal delivery business in a short time and with a minimum investment.

6. Virtual reality

Another work that can be done on your own is that which involves programming and installing virtual reality systems.


Virtual reality in recent times is becoming increasingly popular, this three-dimensional vision system is necessary for example for viewing 3D movies.

For those working in the real estate field (thanks to the programming of virtual reality programs to see the design or the works that can be carried out in a house or in a local);

In the gaming sector (now there are always games for the play station and Xbox that work with the viewer, in the field of team building to create group experiences that consolidate the corporate team.

An expert software developer for virtual reality (here I explain how to become one) can therefore have a very large customer base and get a profitable professional activity with this idea for a company.

7. Restructuring firm

Today, more and more people want to restore a property, a room or a home. If you have experience in the construction field and you have good taste in the design field then you can choose to start a renovation company.

This activity can be successful because you have to consider that there are more and more people who want to renovate their home, the initial investment is mostly intended to publicize your business and purchase the necessary materials, also if you have a lot of experience in construction field, if you are also a carpenter, plumber or electrician as well as an expert in building works you can do most of the work on your own

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8. Sale, assistance and rental of bicycles

One idea to do Business Setup in USA and start your own business is the sale, rental and assistance for bicycle repair. Bicycles are an increasingly used vehicle both in cities and in holiday villages, such as seaside resorts. A bicycle shop offers several opportunities.

First of all, it is possible to sell bikes to those who wish to have one for them. It is possible to fix and modernize older bikes and assist those who want to make their bicycle work again.

Finally, both in the cities of art and in those of holiday, it is possible to rent bicycles but also other means of transport such as tandems, double bicycles etc...

This activity therefore has a good chance of success! Of course, the advice is to open a shop where there are tourists, where bikes are widely used and therefore there is the possibility of working well with the rental.

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9. Open a gourmet coffee

One activity among the ideas for doing business that provides for a higher investment but which allows obtaining satisfactions from an economic point of view is gourmet coffee.

In USA, we have always had a long tradition dedicated to coffee and these activities, if placed in central areas, in holiday resorts and in high-traffic places, can give excellent results, especially if you choose to open a gourmet coffee.

In addition to coffee, gourmet coffee also requires other special drinks based on coffee, but with innovative variations.

A gourmet coffee must also serve excellent innovative food products that accompany the various drinks you offer such as gourmet pastries, cakes, savory foods; you can organize events or create special spaces for those who work on the PC and for those who study.

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10. Open a Food Truck

Finally, among the ideas for doing business that you can evaluate are the Food Trucks. Food Trucks are small trucks on which it is possible to cook, create unique dishes and take them around USA to fairs, markets and cities of art. Ideas for doing business

To be able to open a Food Truck you first need an innovative idea, you need to prepare unique dishes that can distinguish you from the rest of the trucks that sell food.

For example, you can open a food truck with food prepared with organic products, you can prepare a typical dish from your area of ​​origin, or you can create a food truck that sells gourmet hamburgers etc ... By opening an innovative food truck you will stand out from the competition and you can get more successful.

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