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Welcome to My Casino Guru’s guide on cricket betting odds. Here, you will find the best cricket betting sites with the best odds, upcoming sports events, match fixtures, and other offers. 

When placing a bet on a match, players need to check the odds first. If you are a newbie at sports betting, you are probably asking yourself what cricket betting odds are. Betting odds reflect the probability of the result occurring. Suppose your favorite team has a high degree of certainty and to emerge as the winner, the odds will be low. Cricket betting odds work in this way: the less likely the result, the higher the betting odds. 

Cricket Betting Odds

Different sports betting websites/apps have different odds for a single cricket match, and cricket betting markets have numerous possible outcomes for one single cricket event. 

And this may be overwhelming. So to make things easier, be aware of the type of odds available: the player to score the most runs, take the most wickets, or be the player of the match. And so on. The most common odds are; which team will win the match. The outcomes are based on the probability hence different betting odds.  

Types of Odds

In most cricket betting sites in India, odds are expressed as below: 

  1. Decimal odds/European odds – Most common and widely used expression of odds. 
  2. Moneyline or American odds– Popular in the United States and have a negative sign next to the odds to show the minimum bet required to win is Rs 100. Underdogs have the positive + sign next to the odds to show the amount gained for every Rs 100 wagered.
  3. Fractional or UK odds– Odds are written with a slash (/) or a hyphen (-). 

How to Calculate Cricket Odds

In My Casino Guru, you will find the ongoing matches for ICC T20 World Cup 2021 and betting sites with the best odds. When you register and start betting on these sites, you will see some boxes with numbers and possible outcomes of the T20 matches. Suppose you do the betting odds of different outcomes on today’s T20 match between India and New Zealand. Alternatives are India wins, the two teams draw, or New Zealand wins. You bet on India at the odds of 1.66, and then if you bet 1000 Rs, they win; you receive 1,660 Rs when they beat their opponents. You receive your wagering money back with 660 Rs on top of your winnings.

Note: Wager amount multiplied by the betting odds equals the payouts. 

Odds are important in Cricket betting for they determine the outcome of your winnings. 


Punter A received betting odds of 1.90, and punter B picked betting rates of 2.00. They are betting on the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 and look to bet on the remaining 17 matches. Of course, sometimes they may lose 7, and win ten off of the matches. They would like to bet 5,000 Rs each on the match results. Therefore, player A’s net winnings would be: 

10*0.90 + 7*(-1) = 2* 5,000Rs = 10,000 Rs, and punter B’s net winnings:

10*1.00 + 7*(-1) = 3*5,000Rs = 15,000Rs. A difference of 5000 Rupees. See the role of cricket betting odds?

Use of Cricket Betting Odds

Cricket betting does not only revolve around the winner or the match or the potential proposition of the bet, and it’s a lot more other bets where you can earn. Indian betting sites also offer cricket betting odds on: 

  1. Top batsman or bowler of the match.
  2. The most boundaries or sixes.
  3. A fifty is to be scored in specific innings.
  4. The highest opening partnership.
  5. A century to be scored in specific innings.
  6. The first wicket methods.

The goal is to stumble upon a betting site with high cricket odds that are consistent than the rest of the market, such as Parimatch, Betway, Uwin, 10 Cric, and Cricsbet betting sites. Betting odds from one sportsbook means you fail to benefit from cricket betting. Even though you pick the correct winning team of the match, the highest odds play a great part in increasing your payouts. And who doesn’t want to enjoy higher returns? Therefore, getting your hands on the best cricket betting odds gets you closer to great winnings.

Finding the Best Cricket Betting Odds

There are various ways and places where a punter can come to the best betting odds: 

  1. Line Shopping

The act of looking at different sports betting sites for the best prices on your bets. You can create multiple accounts on different bookmakers—comparing the betting odds to find the best possible cricket odds. The process requires time, but it’s the best way to find high-paying cricket match odds. 

  1. Third-Party Websites

The sites compile a list of betting sites with the best odds in the market. To help minimize the time you would have spent browsing from one sportsbook to another. Others make a list of the best odds from all bookmakers and display them for you to take a quick check and compare. 

Where to find betting sites with the best cricket odds: 

  1. My Casino Guru

A sports betting and online casino review website where punters can find the top leading cricket betting sites/apps, cricket match updates, previews, scores, and even sites to find free match tips and predictions on T20 WorldCup 2021. Get your insights on the best site to place bets. The website has a list of cricket betting sites with competitive odds.

  1. Social media sports experts

On social media platforms, sports fans and experts discuss the event results and analyze the team players, the toss, the pitch reports, and the teams’ powerplay. You get free match tips and predictions on cricket events daily.


Cricket betting is growing, not only in India but everywhere. This has caused punters to be on the lookout for the best odds that will increase their winnings. As a cricket punter, be in the know of the cricket bettings odds and rates on events. Also, remember there are so many bets taking place every day, and they are worth lots of money. Access the best cricket betting sites from this guide and start collecting big winnings. 

Cricket Betting FAQs

1. What are the odds in cricket betting?

The types of odds are Decimal odds, Fractional odds, and Moneyline odds. The odds depend on how much money you could win or lose on a bet.

2. Which are the best cricket betting sites in India?

The guide above has mentioned a few of the top best cricket betting sites, and the website further ranks the website based on payment methods, easy to navigate the site, and the best odds. 

3. It possible to have accounts on different cricket betting sites?

Yes, you can. It is not illegal to register and play on two different betting sites. It enables you to compare the odds and increase your winnings. 

What is the reason why cricket betting odds change?

The calculating method of odds keeps changing because of rising cases of injured players, restructured teams, or even pitch and weather conditions. 

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