Find out the facts that you need to know about excessive vaping

by Jimmy O. Blogger

When it comes to smoking it is the worst habit you can have and nearly seven people out of ten want to get rid of this habit but the material in the cigarette present is much addictive than you can imagine. The issue of the heart is 90% because of smoking excessively and in some cases, it can become fatal that’s why the ratio of early deaths due to cigarettes is increasing day by day. You must have heard that electric cigarettes are less harmful and can be used as an alternative to the traditional cigarette but the point here is are they safer than the traditional ones? And if they will help in overcoming the addiction? These are some questions that you will get an answer to below. There are many devices like vaping, vape pens, and e-cigarettes that might tempt you to use them.

First is vaping is less harmful than the traditional cigarettes

In e-cigarettes, there are many different substances like nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals and with water. So the concentration becomes diluted and is aerosol like Vaporesso Xros that you inhale that’s why as compare to traditional cigarettes they are less harmful. In traditional cigarettes, there isn’t any nicotine but full tobacco is put into them along with other toxins that make them highly harmful. Some people who do harmful vaping that contains THC substance then it can be as equal to smoking or more than that so you cannot claim them completely safe.

Vaping still affect your lungs and heart and cause diseases

The agent that is used in vaping is nicotine which is also addictive and can make you crave a smoke often also this component is common in both traditional and e-cigarette. Nicotine raises blood pressure and heart rate that can also cause a heart attack. The vape that is created during inhalation and the material that is used is still unknown and further studies are still going on but according to studies up till now, the vape is potentially dangerous in the long term.

The rate of using e-cigarettes is higher than traditional cigarettes in youth

Vaping to teenagers is much amusing than the traditional one because of the idea that it is less harmful and the smoke it produces is much powerful than the traditional ones plus the per cost of vape is much lesser than the traditional ones and lastly, vape comes in different flavors like watermelon and strawberry that’s why it appealing to the teenagers although people who start with nicotine end up so consuming traditional cigarettes.

The studies state that the youth population hasn’t consumed tobacco once in their life due to inhalation of nicotine and is popular among the high school students, around 800% of youth uses e-cigarettes, and that 40% are those people who haven’t smoked traditional cigarettes. The vape has less smell in it and that’s why teenagers find it safe than the traditional cigarette as it eliminates the stigma.   

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