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Blockchain is a modern-age technology facilitating users by organizing simultaneous operations in all nodes of a network while operating public distributed ledger system. Its updation is regulated by a consensus of participants in the system. It provides a non-erasable memory space for information which means once it is stored, it cannot be erased. It has the potential to innovate & transform the conventional ways of businesses and designing new business models. It facilitates to form a credible partner network with customers by utilizing credible & traceable data elements secured with cryptography. It enables a peer-to-peer exchange of data, assets & currencies through rule-based smart contracts in a comparatively efficient, transparent & cost-effective manner.

Blockchain is a decentralized software technology which renders the recording and monitoring of financial assets and transactions without the role of any central trust authority like banks. It secures a proof of ownership by allowing unique digital signatures that ultimately rely on encryption keys publicly known to everyone on the network as well as some privately known keys to the owner. To eliminate the risks of deception & post verification transaction data tampering, consensus techniques are observed, particularly in complex algorithms. After creation, automated smart contracts execute without human intervention in the process. Blockchain platforms are stated public like Bitcoin, where anyone submits a transaction & takes part in validating or authenticating other transactions. These platforms can also be private, where authorization of sharing & validation of information can only be done by authorized people.

The modern-age payment systems seek for strong determination and analysis of certain requirements, the technology should be ready to facilitate with. More specifically, it must advance the existing processes and must improve lower transaction times, costs and approaches per payment transaction. Alongside, it ensures high security terms and satisfactory regulations required for all participating bodies.

A large-scale implementation & utilization of Blockchain Solutions & Technology Services would transform the financial services and payment systems with a global approach. A change is observed in the process in terms of required time, thus revenue models of different financial institutions may become obsolete. This technology has the potential not only to function payment & settlement processes in a faster, safer and cheaper way, but also to reevaluate the complete system of international money transfers. Although, it still requires further developments and improvements of properties and major limitations to be addressed to ensure a widespread usage in future.

Blockchain Solution & Technology Services

In recent years, the significance of strategic approach in distributed ledger and blockchain technology has developed seamlessly with continual interactions and logical activities indulged in all potential fields of financial services industry. Ongoing advanced researches and several applications showcases the first probable utilization of the technology, indulging revolutionary transformations for different process parts within the industry. An increased number of financial institutions have participated in implementing and exploring ways of utilizing blockchain technology in the process.

InnovationM is leading blockchain solutions provider in India. We leverage our high capacity, innovation, and customer service to serve exceptionally well on a large-scale. Our smart investment in emerging technologies like blockchain, and strong partnerships with prominent institutions committed in this direction help us to bring our customers the best of the industry.  

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