Few tips to Care for Your Automatic Transmission

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Even if you take good care of your car, there are certain things that also need to be taken into consideration. A wholly well-maintained car should include a tip-top transmission system.  


 A car's transmission system is responsible for generating the necessary power to make a move. Apart from the engine, it is also a critical component of a vehicle.  


However, the automatic transmission does need some special care as it keeps you free from additional hassle during a drive. 


Despite the transmission system, a transmission repair always seems to be a bit expensive. However, there are times when you cannot avoid car transmission repair. But, there are still some ways to keep your transmission system intact.  


Read on these points to take care of your car's transmission properly.  


Keep a Check on Your Transmission Fluid Levels  


Lubrication makes life easy for the grinding metal components inside a transmission system. Most cars come with a transmission dipstick that can provide an accurate level of transmission fluid for your car. 


Similarly, you check the level of your engine oil, just draw the dipstick outside and clean it with a rag. Now put it again in the slot and draw again. You just get the right level of your transmission fluid. 


Besides, you can check for the color of the fluid. Ensure that it should appear burnt or discolored. 


In case, you still have any doubt or cannot conclude. Just come to Service My Car. Our experts assist you in any kind of issue whether it is a fluid check-up or any other car repair. 


Opt For the Transmission Flushed Frequently 


You can opt for a transmission flush to get a fresh lease to the fluids. However, most cars highlight the period to get a transmission fluid change but it is recommended to opt for a transmission flushed once a year. 


Besides, a transmission fluid also depends on the amount of your driving as well as the weather conditions. 


In case, you have neglected such important maintenance, approach a reliable workshop as soon as possible. As it is worth utilizing the specialization when it comes to complex tasks such as transmission flush. You can also opt for a car scanning and diagnostics service for a detailed inspection of your car. 


Utilize the Transmission Inspection Service 


A transmission system falls in the category of critical components of your car. It is something that need not be taken for granted. In general, a transmission system failure may turn into a fatal incident. When it comes to an automatic transmission, you never wish to have a breakdown. 


A transmission inspection is a great alternative to deal with the potential issues. Isn't worth staying ahead in the game with a better insight into the potential issues with your transmission system? 


A comprehensive inspection consists of a fluid check, and a review of the pan. Besides, an expert also performs a driving test. 


Such a detailed transmission inspection can easily gauge the transmission performance as well as the status of transmission components. 


However, you can arrange a transmission inspection at a reliable workshop such as Service MY Car. Our experts have years of experience to deal with such a complex automotive issue related to car repair. 


Avoid Driving On a Spare Tyre for a Long Duration 


In case, you have just changed a tyre due to any reason, your tyres may be mismatched. A spare tyre often does not get worn as compared to regular tyres. 


However, the mismatched set of tyres put a strain on the wheels affecting the alignment and disturbing the transmission too. 


 Your car might drive a bit on such an uneven balance but an extended period may have affected your car's transmission.  


Therefore, it is recommended to get your vehicle to a reliable workshop if you have been running your vehicle in such a condition. Service My Car offers you wheel alignment as well as transmission programming services under one roof. 


Replace the Transmission Filter Frequently 


Most cars come with a transmission filter that keeps the fluid clean enough to perform its task. However, a transmission filter may get clogged over time while filtering out waste such as metal debris from the transmission fluid. 


However, the most modern vehicle does not have a transmission filter, but others need a fresh transmission filter after a period of time. 


You can opt for the transmission oil filter services at a reliable service centre during a transmission flush. Service My Car offers you these services at very affordable prices. 


Load Your Car as Per the Capacity 


Always try to not load your car enough, as it impacts the overall performance of your car including the transmission system. Driving a vehicle under heavy loads too much, invites premature wear and tear to a transmission system. 


Choose the Best Quality Transmission Fluid 


As quality matters for everything, so does the transmission fluid too. You have to choose a good quality transmission fluid if you expect a certain level of comfort from your vehicle. 

Besides, you can expect professional assistance for best-in-class car service. Service My Car has been serving its satisfied customer for a while now. 



A transmission system works with other components and often needs to be in great condition to attain optimal performance. However, it may prone to a fluid leak, wear and tear and other issues over time. If you notice anything unusual, just bring your car to Service My Car for reliable Car Maintenance. Just call us or book a service online. 

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