Few quick Tips For the Happy Brain Would Conquer Depression Woes Rather Simply

by Madan K. Digital Marketing Consultant

Probably most of us did not think of it that way, but stress and anxiety, misery, and panic would quite easily be conquered by following some easy tips for a happy brain. Researches and field studies on human and non-human subjects prove that happy neurochemicals released by the brain create those euphoric feelings that we value so much. Indeed, nobody wishes to labor in the shadows of depression, but everybody wishes to wallow in the sunshine of happiness. Fortunately, all of us are capable of releasing those happy chemicals through some planned actions. Put, activities that we find interesting succeed in evoking those happy messengers!

    Intimacy Is The Key

Living amidst joint families certainly promotes more of that closeness and human contact that contributes towards happiness. Relating to one another on closer terms would require more incredible feeling and compassion, social and personal involvement. Physical closeness is as essential as an emotional bonding. 

If you cuddle and hug as kids often do, you are enveloped by the warmth of feeling, owing to those chemical messengers. Mature individuals, too, when they indulge in acts of kissing and sex, also experience the same electric happiness. Moods improve, and an outburst of energy is the consequence of close bonding, and depression is kept at bay, the other side of the coin. Keeping to yourself and working on the computer all alone all day long will hardly create positive emotions. Instead, loneliness may lead to criminal activity like some terrorists recently in the news. 

    The Four Basic Neurochemicals That Create Happiness

Since that is the fundamental truth that constitutes the easy tips for a happy brain, you need to tap the four chemicals known as Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins because they promote such happy feelings. Embrace them to your heart because they guard against depression!

    The Dopamine Quest

Since we are all searching for something or the other in different dimensions, the expectations are forever present. Dopamine encourages that quest and motivates all the challenges and burdens we undertake to fulfill that mission. Imagine explorers or mountaineers in the endless wilderness, toiling away against all odds and some failing to make it. Dopamine kept them going. Avoid hesitation and adopt new lifestyles, and dopamine shows the way, a strategy that addicts of dangerous substances could follow. 

    Express Feelings Through Speech, Writing, Music, Photography, Whatever

Research indicates that creative expression results in less amygdala activity and thus less depression. Anxiety and stress get lessened, and happiness increases. Take to doing things, even if it is a few minutes of action on exciting themes.

    Revive Memories Associated With The Good Times

Despite the frantic difficulties we frequently encounter in life, we need to keep up serotonin levels. Serotonin helps the all-important prefrontal cortex that directs thought and emotions. Whether in thinking or writing, recreate some of those pretty scenes of your bygone days. 

    Pets Provide A Special Togetherness

Millions of homes have them for particular reasons. Cat, dog, bird, or fish, pets provide a relationship, and encounters with them boost oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins. Squeezing pets is akin to cuddling babies and producing similar responses.

    Encourage Smiles And Laughter

It may sound stupid until you get the point! Among the easy tips for a happy brain, simulate smiles and laughter even if there is no urgent reason. Find an adequate explanation to smile and even laugh when the situation does not call for that. Some people, as a result of friendly natures, can smile and laugh at little things. 

    Finally, Bond More With People

Human togetherness is essential, whether it is a mammoth gathering at a concert or an intimate date for a movie. Being with a group in a room also provides cozy comfort even if they are a bunch of strangers. We have some things in common like the dress code, customs, and traditions, religion, and language, too, perhaps. Interacting gives rise to oxytocin that is supportive of serotonin, a double blessing.


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