Few Marijuana Edible Packaging Safety Tips

by Patricia Lecount Cannabis Researcher

States have drastically different laws and regulations when it comes to packaging marijuana and CBD products. 

While the rules may vary from state to state, it stands to reason that marijuana, like any other drug, should be kept out of the hands of children. Listed below are some marijuana edible packaging best practices to ensure the safety of all consumers.

Marijuana Packaging Best Practices

The legalization of marijuana in more and more states throughout the US has heightened the need for safe and dependable packaging. Marijuana and CBD products can be packaged in a variety of containers and closures.

As this industry develops, consumer confidence in manufacturers - both in their products and in their company - will be paramount. 

With more and more manufacturers entering this booming market, they will need to make many decisions about their packaging.

A fundamental decision will be the use of child-resistant packaging. 

Certain marijuana products must be packaged in child-resistant packaging in some states, but other states have different requirements. 

Packaging that is child-resistant helps manufacturers present their products in a safe, trusted package.

Product Safety

Marijuana edibles raise several safety concerns. Edibles include cookies, brownies, chewable pill capsules, snacks, gummies, suckers, lozenges, tinctures, infused drinks, chocolate bars, and other snacks or treats. 

As a result, these edibles are naturally appealing to children, and safe Marijuana packaging is essential, whether in resealable bags, folding cartons, or another form. Safety issues are crucial to the future success of marijuana edible packaging. State government regulations require all products to be packaged to prevent children from accessing them.

Child-Resistant Edible Packaging

Marijuana can be infused into almost any type of food item, but sugary treats like gummy bears, lollipops, cookies, and more are the most popular edibles. Children may confuse edibles with their THC-free counterparts because of this. 

Many edible products contain high amounts of marijuana, making them particularly dangerous for children, especially those who are smaller and lighter.

Packaging marijuana edibles in child-proof zip pouches is the best way to keep them out of the hands of children.

Aside from solid edibles, edibles can also include cooking oils, butters, tinctures, dissolvable powders, and drinks (e.g. infused teas, juices, sodas, and beers). In the marijuana industry, drinkables are a growing trend that manufacturers should use caution with.

Some states ban transparent packaging for edibles to keep children from seeing them. Check local laws and regulations regarding marijuana edible packaging. 

Importance Of Proper Labeling

It is of the utmost importance to label marijuana products properly when it comes to product safety. When it comes to product labels, most states that allow the sale and manufacture of marijuana have strict rules.

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