Fertility Preservation : What, Why and How ?

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Fertility Preservation : What, Why and How ?


Fertility preservation is the process designed to protect and preserve your fertility for the future. It involves preserving eggs, sperms, embryos or reproductive tissue so that you can have a biological family in the future. Prolonging your ability to have children is increasingly becoming prevalent for people having medical ailments like Cancer.


In Summary, there are 3 Possible broad reasons to preserve fertility for certain people.


Some of the drugs used in cancer treatment cause infertility especially in high doses. Therefore, patients having certain types of cancer and undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy may consider freezing their eggs or sperms or embryos. These can be utilised once the treatment is over and the patient is desirous of starting a family.


If for certain pressing financial or emotional reasons, one is not ready to start a family then the option of fertility preservation may exist. In females, fertility declines with age and the rate sharply reduces after 40 Years of age. Preserving one’s eggs when a woman is in her late twenties or early thirties gives women the flexibility to conceive later on in life using their own eggs that had been preserved.


Some people may choose to preserve on account of the work that they do. As an example, Armed forces personnel deployed in unsafe environments may freeze their eggs or sperms or embryos before deployment to preserve future fertility in case of injury.


1.Egg Freezing: Egg Freezing is also known as Mature Oocyte Cropreservation.Eggs are harvested from the Ovaries and frozen unfertilized stored to be used later. A Frozen Egg can be thawed, combined with a sperm in a laboratory and implanted into the uterus later. Egg Freezing does not require sperm because the eggs are not fertilized before freezing. As is the case with Embryo Freezing detailed later, fertility drugs are often used later for ovulation so that the eggs can be retrieved.

2. Ovarian tissue freezing: Despite Clinical Progress, this option has still not been actively pursued and is mostly confined on an experimental basis. It is useful for women who wish to have children after a treatment that may cause infertility, such as certain cancer treatments. In this procedure, some or all of the Ovary is removed and the tissue that contains the eggs is frozen.

3. Sperm freezing: This pertains to men and they can free freeze their sperms to be utilized at a later stage in life or for donating for someone else’s treatment. Donated sperms are screened for infections before being used for a recipient. Men can go for this if they are facing a medical treatment or if they have a low sperm count and which is declining or if you are at risk of Life (for example you are in the Armed Forces and deployed in a War Zone).

4. Testicular tissue freezing:

This is an option for male patients who are unable to produce Sperm and hence unable to preserve sperms. While there is limited evidence or results to prove this treatment option, researches done across various countries suggest preserving testicular tissues can be used to restore fertility. Given the spate of developments, Options may be certainly available in the future for patients who preserve testicular tissue are transplantation of spermatogonia stem cells

5.Embryo freezing:

During the IVF Treatment of a Couple, there may be good quality Embryos that are left after the transfer of Embryos transfer. One can freeze these Embryos and use them in the future in an event the current cycle does not prove to be positive or one may plan for a sibling at a later stage. It is important to note that only Good quality Embryos are suitable for freezing. The Frozen Embryos are stored in tanks of Liquid Nitrogen until they are ready to be used.

To conclude, preserving fertility depends on the situation of the patients and all clinics must give an opportunity to the patients to receive proper counselling regarding the same.

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