Features To Consider For the Best Bluetooth Speakers

by Dezmond Mueni Freelance Content Writer
Over the last five years, Bluetooth audio quality has made great strides. Today the portable Bluetooth speakers market is growing faster than the smartphone market. Bluetooth speakers have become a great way to enjoy booming sound on the go as they now sound better than a laptop speaker and most smartphones. Not only do these wireless speakers allow you to take great sound on the go with you but they have also become very cheap. In Kenya, cheap Bluetooth speakers are currently exploding in popularity. From small mini Bluetooth speakers to those we can call an investment. Today when you check online, you cannot miss out on a Bluetooth speaker designed to cater to your needs. Therefore, this article will highlight key features to consider when looking for the best Bluetooth speakers in 2020.
Bluetooth Range
The point of having a Bluetooth speaker is to allow you to connect your music player without using a cable. Besides having a Bluetooth speaker gives you a considerable distance between the music player and the speakers, especially during hikes. The range at which wireless Bluetooth speakers can connect to a device continues to grow along with the technology. This means the wider the range, the more the freedom you get. Therefore, when looking for the best Bluetooth speaker always consider the Bluetooth range of the speaker. If you are intending to use the speaker on a beach or in a park then you may need a device with a wide Bluetooth range. The average Bluetooth range is about 328 feet or less depending on the power of the device. For mini Bluetooth speakers, the average range falls between 20 and 100 feet.
Sound Quality 
Mini speakers are notorious for sound distortion at high volumes. To avoid purchasing a speaker with a distorted sound system you should consider two basic factors, these are frequency range, wattage, impedance and sound system. A speaker with more frequency is the best, therefore the more the frequency the better the sound quality. The number of watts a speaker determines how many decibels it can emit. If you want the best bass Bluetooth speaker then go for one with a higher wattage.
Water Resistance 
Always be keen on how water resistance Bluetooth speakers are advertised. The terms are sometimes used interchangeably, meaning they are different in how much the speaker can withstand a certain amount of water. Each water resistance speaker comes with a protection rating that indicates how well it can withstand water. For instance, the ones with a higher second digit in the two-digit rating indicate that it is more waterproof, meaning one with a rating of 7 can be submerged in water. Those with a lower number such as 1 show that the speaker can only withstand a few sprinkles of water. Sony Bluetooth speakers are among some of the water-resistant Bluetooth speakers in the world.
Size and Weight
The main purpose of looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker is to get a device that can be carried around, meaning the size matters. On average the smallest models weigh less than two ounces whereas large models such as a subwoofer weigh as much as four pounds. When searching for a portable it would be a safe bet to go for smaller speakers as they tend to be easier to carry around. However, you need to find a balance between durability, sound quality and size. However, you can find a cheap Bluetooth speaker online that incorporates all the above features.
Battery Life
Last but not least, always keep in mind that most Bluetooth manufacturer advertises a battery life that can only be attained in controlled conditions, therefore when searching for the best Bluetooth device expect the battery life to be slightly less than the description indicated. 

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