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Linking News

If you the owner of a company, you understand the huge amount of competition that has engulfed the present market. A large number of your competitors are constantly searching for new ways to improve the success rated of their businesses and this has created the need for you to implement strategies that ensure better results so as to guarantee the ongoing success of your company. If you are the owner of a start-up or a small business, finding such strategies and tactics are all the more important because you are in a precarious position to begin with. Press release distribution is one of the most sought after services in the industry at the moment owing to the promise and rates of success that this particular method is known to produce in the marketing and PR standings of a company. However, the numbers of press release distribution services that are available in the market at the moment are many and finding the best amongst them can be a tough job. Therefore, it is important to choose a press release distribution service provider that is known to be the best in the business and none other than Linking News satisfies this criterion. This article aims to provide you with information about the features of Linking News that proves it to be the best press release distribution service in the industry.

Who is Linking News?

Linking News is a press release distribution service provider that has been justly given the title of the best press release distribution service in the industry. Linking News has been in the business of press release distribution for a considerable amount of time and has gathered the required skills, talents and infrastructure that is needed to ensure the best possible results. Moreover, Linking News has affiliations with some of the biggest names in the media industry that makes them perfect for any kind of press release distribution needs that your company might have. Linking News is also intimately involved with the experience and quality of press release distribution service that you had opted for and goes out of their way to ensure that you receive the best benefits from choosing their exemplary services. Some of the features that make Linking News the best press release distribution service has been enumerated in the following sections.

A strong and dependable network

Linking News's biggest quality is the robust and reliable network that it has. Being in the market for as many years as Linking News has been, they have made sure that they consolidate stable contacts in every sphere of the media and news industry. Some of the biggest names in the news and media industry are part of the huge network of Linking News. Linking News guarantees that your press releases will get featured on these top outlets in the media industry and provide your company with the highest quality of exposure. Some of the names that are part of the reputed network of Linking News include names like FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and Reuters. Being a company owner, you would understand the importance of getting your press releases featured on top media sites like these and enjoying the huge exposure that it provides. Linking News's network further extends to over 10,000 media outlets, 30,000+ journalists and more than 1,000 networks on social media. Talented professionals that make up this huge team of Linking News are dedicated to bringing the best quality of press release distribution services to you. The network of Linking News also has a global outreach with over 2,000 media outlets in China, making up the impressive network of Linking News.

SEO, formatting and backlink services

SEO is probably one of the most important parts of online marketing at this moment. In order to be relevant and getting featured in the top pages of search engines having a strong SEO strategy in place is very important. Even in press releases, SEO helps improve the accessibility and popularity of the press release in question. Linking News understands this importance and helps educate young entrepreneurs and press release writers about the tips and tricks that need to be implemented in order to improve the SEO quality of press releases. The format is another important feature that cannot be overlooked while writing a press release and chances are that an ill-formatted press release will get ignored amongst the multitude of press releases that get published every day and fail to create the desired impact. Therefore, Linking News has taken it upon them to help press release writers and business owners familiarize themselves with the format and style of a proper press release with the help of easily downloadable press release examples and formats on the official website of Linking News. Backlinks are another innovative feature of the extraordinary press release distribution services that Linking News provides. Backlinks are simply links that allow visitors to migrate to the official website of the company owner whose press release is being read. Linking News guarantees that backlinks to your company's website will be provided in the press releases that they distribute for you. Having backlinks being featured on heavily visited news and media sites only guarantees the success of your company, with a huge amount of potential customers flocking to your company's website. It is these features that make Linking News the best press release distribution service in the industry.

White Label Press Release Distribution Service

Another impressive feature that is part of the extraordinary press release services that Linking News provides is the White Label Press Release Distribution Service. The White Label Press Release Distribution Service is made specifically to guarantee privacy for your marketing and PR stunts. It is never wise to let your competitors come to know about the press release strategies that you have employed or reveal the name of your press release distribution partner. Therefore Linking News provides ultimate privacy with the help of their White Label plan that makes sure that the press releases distributed by Linking News remain unbranded and no publication of the said press release is done on the official website of Linking News. Furthermore, PR and marketing agencies can take complete advantage of the private label service and help distribute and place their clients' press releases in an efficient manner with their own private label through the White Label Press Release Distribution Services of Linking News.

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