Father and Child Custody After Divorce: What Child Custody Lawyer says

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Everyone assumes that mothers get child custody more often, and there are no ground rules for that. There is no such law that presumes mothers to be better parents. The child's best interest usually indicates who is capable of custody, says child custody lawyer near me.

Once, there was an assumption that children are better mentally when they stay with their mother after a divorce. Many states in the US don't honor that presumption. In some scenarios, mothers are still likely to get custody, but that doesn't keep men in question.

The law has considered 'the child's best interest in the picture. If you are a divorcing dad, you must know some factors that the court finds, the parenting skills, ability, etc. 

The Role of Primary Caregiver

The court gives importance to identifying the primary caregiver to the child. In the eyes of the law, the primary caregiver is the best one to pick. Some states refer to it as 'primary caregiver' while some refer to parents as 'the child's best interest.'

Who is capable of meeting the needs of the child? Who can fulfill the requirements and responsibilities? Who cared for the child for so long? The primary care standards can meet the child's needs, like feeding, bathing, financial support, comfort, etc. 

There are situations of stay-home dads who do the job of taking care of the child. In some families, handling a child is shared and not burdened on one parent. This case can be intimidating for the court to decide since both parents play a vital role. 

Regardless of how much or how little involvement you have with taking care of your child. It would be if you remembered that it is crucial to do it now when you have time before the divorce. The court is likely to look at the past responsibility that you have handled so far. So, make sure you put some blame on your shoulder for your child and do it with love! 

Parental Bond

Another critical and non-ignorable factor that works in custody is child bonding with the parent. No matter how much love both the parents share with their child, there is always one dominating. It can be a bond with the mother with the child dominating compared to the father, or vice versa. 

child custody attorney near me will explain how parenting roles or responsibility is not it; the level of affection and love that a parent has with the child matters—courts lookout for bonding since it can allow the child to be in a better state. 

People usually mistake a mother for having a stronger bond with a child. The reason could be many, as the mother feeds the baby and takes care of the child from birth. The level of closeness is unique and different, which makes the mother dominate here. 

However, fathers are equally more robust when bonding with the child. Sometimes, the child favors the father more than the mother because of the love, affection, care, nurturing, and support.

Relationship With the Other Parent After Custody

The court doesn't want to rule out giving the child attention from both parents; even if one parent gets custody, that doesn't restrict the other from making relationships with the child. 

Therefore, the court considers another exciting factor in relationships with other parents. The court sees which custody parent will let the child keep relationships with the other parent. 

Best child custody lawyers near me say even though the divorce was brutal, both parents share responsibility and emotionally connect to the child. Nobody can detach a child from their parent, and therefore, they should allow them to meet and engage with the other parent. 


Now that you know so much about custody, the court favors which parent. You understand that there is no standard rule for a mother to quickly get custody over a father. So, if you are feeling worried as a father during a custody matter, child custody lawyer near me can help you.

Gone are when mothers were given custody blindly, now laws look at many factors—the elements that keep the child's interest and benefits in mind before deciding. If you are a father wondering whether you will get custody of your child or not? It is time to seek help from a lawyer and find your answers.

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