Family History Can Enhance The Risk Of Breast Cancer

by Ronit Roy Health Educator & Consultant

Cancer can be survived if diagnosed earlier. Worldwide, 80% of women have breast cancer. It is seen that those who have a family history with breast cancer, may carry a higher risk of cancer in their body. Breast cancer surgery can remove cancer if it found in the initial stage.

Similarly, we are here to share with you Nayana’s cancer survival story. She was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer a year ago. Now she is completely recovered after a long time treatment. Let’s hear from her-

"I’m Nayana, I’m the mother of two daughters. A year ago I recovered from stage 1 breast cancer."

"One and half years back, in an evening I was watching television laying on the sofa. Suddenly an intense pain in the left breast left me in complete shock. When I kept my hand on my breast out of pain, I felt a lump on my left breast. I didn’t wait any longer. The next day I made an appointment with the doctor."

"My cancer found by an MRI of my breast. Also, my doctor asked me if I have any first-degree female relative. So I told him that my mother had been suffering from breast cancer for years. He briefed me about the possibilities of breast cancer."

"My family was very tensed about me, I have to be very strong, I knew from the start. I reassure them to stay strong and don’t worry about this, I’m going to be fine. I found the best breast cancer treatment hospital."

On Stage 1 breast cancer, cancer cells will spread outside of the breast or armpit. If found earlier, there is a chance to survive for long. There are two types of breast cancer- Invasive ductal carcinoma and Invasive lobule carcinoma. Generally, these two types of breast cancer are very common among women.

"I diagnosed with IDC and it needed to be removed before it spreads all over the area. I underwent breast cancer surgery to remove the main tumor, also went for chemotherapy to reduce the size of the tumor."

"I have two teenage daughters, sometimes it terrifies me. How will be the rest of their lives? But I’m conscious enough to secure my daughter's lives. Lastly, I’ll request to every mother if you have a daughter you should do a monthly breast exam, breast self-exam, and a yearly mammogram."

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