Family Fitness Activities to Try Out This Summer

by Rayanne M. Writer

It can get boring and monotonous to sit inside all day on electronic devices. It is important to keep your family healthy and active, especially during a pandemic. Physical exercise will benefit your family members physically, emotionally, and mentally. By encouraging your family to exercise and spend time together, you will have bonding time while staying healthy together. These activities can vary from rope skipping to bicycle riding or hiking. The most important aspect of these activities ensures that your family is kept fit and engaged all through summer. So what are some of these fun fitness activities for families during the summer?


Walking is a great way to burn calories and keep fit while at home. Hiking idealizes the fun aspects of walking to create experiences that can be enjoyed by individuals or groups. As a family, regularly scheduled hikes will go a long way to strengthen the bonds of the members and the muscles of the hikers. Having a dog with you while hiking is a bonus. In fact, studies have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that owning a dog is more likely to make you healthy. This is in part due to the understanding that you will definitely have to take more walks. Since walking the dog on a daily basis can turn out to be a duty or routine, infusing a little fun in the process is the best approach. Taking walks as a family or mapping out a different route to involve different terrains will be an excellent way of keeping fit during the summer.


If you have an old bicycle hung up in the garage or intended to purchase one sooner rather than later, you are guaranteed an additional activity to make your summers memorable. Cycling is a great way to pass the time while bonding and enjoying the company of your loved ones in the summer. Depending on your family, biking can be a great form of exercise, a teaching moment for new riders, or just a fun way to get outdoors. Cycling is estimated to burn at least six-hundred calories every half an hour. If your teens are looking for something more exciting than a typical bike, there are electric bikes that give the rider an easier ability to ride in more difficult terrains. 


Meditation and yoga can be a great way to unwind while improving your flexibility, focus, and core strength. Making it a family activity can provide more peace among family members and is a relaxing way to bond with your family members. A great benefit of yoga is that it can be done at any age and provides relaxation at the same time. Even if your family members are at different skill levels, they can still be done together in the same room. Motivate and support each other to gain new skills.

Hula Hooping

For a toy that hit the market in the 1950s, Hula hoops have beat the test of time. Over half a century later, the hoop's simple charm is guaranteed to get every member of your family off the couch for as long as their energy reserves allow. These circular plastic loops are extremely fun for bonding activities in almost every modern culture in the world. The additional variation in size allows for a broader range of use. Adults will experience as much fun and excitement from Hula hoops as the kids in the family. Furthermore, hooping can burn up to five-hundred calories in an hour of playtime. A simple piece of plastic has the capacity to make your summer days lively while burning up the extra calories in the body. Consider looking into weighted Hula hoops for advanced users that can increase the number of calories that get burned in every family fun fitness session.

It is the responsibility of any family unit to improve their health by living a healthy lifestyle. This can be achieved through healthy eating habits, integrating fitness activities, or a combination of both. During summer, the family can get entertained by carrying out a number of fun activities. These activities will be additionally advantageous if they eventually lead to the burning of extra body calories. Good examples of such family fitness activities include hula hoops, cycling, and hiking. Hula hoops are a fun way to make the family fit and involved while cycling, and hiking can be customized and advanced to burn more calories and create fun memories.

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