Fall In Love With Uzbekistan: From Its Incredible History To Enticing Destinations

by Timur Alimov The World You Have Never Seen

Do you know why Central Asia Tourism decided to make Uzbekistan its face? Because like Ivy, Uzbekistan has not only survived but thrived hard, like Phoenix, risen from the brink from death and desertion and made its mark on the whole world to see. See, what you will miss if you don’t get your Uzbekistan Tour and explore Uzbekistan Tourist Destinations.

Glorious History Of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has a history that makes it a traditional hub of Central Asia. Not only because of the enchanting and doubly intensifying Silk Road but also of Persian influence, Amir Timor and Alexander rule and many more. Each corner of Uzbekistan is a bubbling with so much unexplored history that, you will be in a timeless adventure for all the time. Get your Uzbekistan Tour and unlock facts like:

ü  Khanate of Khiva, the Bukhara Khanate, and the Khanate of Kokhand represents the 3 major rule of Uzbekistan that shows 400 years of Khan Empire.

ü  The Silk Route was established to open trading with China. However, in 16th century, the Silk Road cities Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand went into decline when Ocean trade started to flourish..

ü  Well, after, Arab conquest, Mongols invaded Uzbekistan and then came Temurlane reign.

ü  Till recently, Russia has its sovereign rule who started Cotton Agriculture to near destruction. Not to mention, the earthquake that brought Uzbekistan to its near end. But against all adversities, Uzbekistan still shines through and shows perseverance and beauty.

Myths & Folklores

The myths, tales and folklore are the smokescreen that intrigues the world to finally set on an adventure of a lifetime. The culture, people and place everything brings out the fact that history and mystery are well rooted in each other and makes revealing everything a question mark. Everything is related and yet not the same whether its people or places. Even the cuisines have their own story to tell depicting how different they are from everything we know. Such as:

ü  Revered Minaret Kalyan and its legend

ü  Most amazing and famous Samarkand Bread, Pavlov and its legend

ü  Tales of Uzbekistan, Samarkand, Shah-i-Zinda, Central Asian Bullock Cart and so on.

ü  Epic hero Alpamysh, tales of Tamarlane, Bibi-Khanym and so on.

ü  Khan-Atlas fabric tales and heavenly horses

ü  And so on.

Get to hear from the experts and guides and let them show you these Uzbekistan wonders in your Uzbekistan Tours.

Uzbekistan Natural Attractions

Uzbekistan is Central Asia’s beating heart in every aspect. Be it being traditional, natural or sensational, nothing tops Uzbekistan. However, we can list these breathtaking natural attractions that make Uzbekistan Tours such an incredible experience.

1.      Mountains such as Aktau, Karakchitau and mountain range of Tian Shan and Pamir-Altai and so on.

2.      2 rivers- Amu Darya and Syr Darya.

3.      Fergana Valleys.

4.      Aral Sea that is now Aral Desert.

5.      Lakes

6.      Natural Reserves and national parks

7.      And so on.

Soul-Defining Destinations

Every corner of Uzbekistan screams to be explored. However, 5 of the most inspiring destinations and ancient heartthrobs of Uzbekistan clearly stamp their mark deeply as no others and make Uzbekistan Tours such a soul defining adventure.

TASHKENT: The urban centre and capital of Uzbekistan.

Things to do:

-      Get enlightened with WHITE MOSQUE MINOR AND CANAL

-      Soak in the tranquillity and beauty of LAKE CHARVAK

-      Enjoy the local performances in ALISHER NAVOI OPERA AND BALLET THEATRE

-      Get a bird’s view of Tashkent from TASHKENT TV TOWER

-      Delight your palette with Uzbekistan local cuisines like PAVLOV, PILAF etc.

-      Unlock the revered treasures at HAST IMAM SQUARE

-      Peek into the enticing but must see SAINT USPENSKY CATHEDRAL

-      Revel in the treasure house THE RAILWAY MUSEUM etc.

-      And so on.


SAMARKAND: Most beautiful and ancient Silk Road city is playground with mosques and mausoleums.

Thing To Do:

-      Explore REGISTAN the prime example of Islamic architecture.

-      Don’t miss ULUGH BEG MADRASHAH and its spectacular gardens.

-      Enjoy the onion domes of SHER-DOR MADRASHAH.

-      Revel in the museums of TILYA-KORI MADRASHAH.

-      Let lose yourself in the sheer beauty and intriguing tales of SHAH-I-ZINDA NECROPOLIS.

-      Witness the grandeur of BIBI KHANYM MOSQUE and tales surrounding.

-      Bedazzled with the sights of GUR-E-AMIR MASOLEUM.

-      Get your shopping adventure in SIYOB BAZZAR.


-      And so on.


SHAKHRISABZ: Named in Persian, the ancient green city is Temur’s hometown.

Things To Do:

-      Visit the white palace, Temur’s summer house AK-SARAY PALACE and soak in its beauty.

-      Explore the divinity of DORUT TILOVAT COMPLEX.

-      Unlock the tales of mausoleum, HAZRAT-I IMAM COMPLEX.

-      Take a glance at TOMB OF TIMUR and surrounding legends.

-      Get yourself a shopping adventure in CHORSU BAZAAR.

-      Enjoy the treasures at AMIR TIMUR MUSEUM.

-      And so on.


BUKHARA: The Arabian Nights origin and Silk Road city is a treasure to behold.

Things To Do:

-      Explore the delights of KALYAN MINARET and intriguing tales

-      Visit ARK OF BUKHARA fortress and mosque which is must see museum.

-      Enjoy the architectural treasure PO-I KALYAN COMPLEX and the tales of its standing.

-      View the stunning MIR-I MADRASHAH and witness its grandeur.

-      Enjoy traditional performances and waterfront madrashah LYAB-I COMPLEX.

-      Revel in the historic and world heritage site CHOR MINAR.

-      And so on.


KHIVA: The ancient Silk Road city is an architectural treasure trove.

Things To Do:

-      Soak in the beauty and reverence of PAHLAVON MAHMOUD MAUSOLEUM.

-      Enjoy the sightseeing from WATCHTOWER and ISLOM-HOJA MINARET

-      Lose yourself in the tranquillity of JUMA MOSQUE

-      Bask in the grandeur of ISFANDIYAR PALACE

-      And so on..

Minzifa Travel wants to show the heart of Central Asia. Plan your Uzbekistan Tours and begin an incredible journey into the heart of Central Asia.

Let your heart guide you and Uzbekistan outshine your travel list...

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