Facts of Gestational Surrogacy: Medical Reason or Communal Reason

by Shivani Sachdev Founder & Director

Gestational surrogacy is the most usual type of surrogacy today. Surrogacy helps couples or individuals to grow their family, no matter what is their background or age. There might be different sexual preferences or orientations which not allows couples to have a child.  Most of the couples who have infertility problems can consult with the best surrogacy doctors in Delhi for an effective solution.

Who can think of surrogacy?

·         The couples who are facing problems in conceiving or the homosexual couples who cannot have a baby can opt for this option to grow their family.

·         The females whose body is weak or not capable to bear the pain of child berth can go for gestational surrogacy. The parents who have a genetic disease or some rare illness which they don’t want to pass on the child can go for gestational surrogacy as well.

There can be multiple reasons why parents or an individual want to have a gestational surrogate child and with help of the gestational surrogacy, it is possible to have a child at any age or at any point in time in life.  The above mentioned are the most common reasons. The process of gestational surrogacy is as follows.

Step By Step Process

·         The very first thing doctors from the best surrogacy center in Delhi will do here is that collect the eggs and sperms of the intended parents. This is kept in the inventory fertilization before diffusing it into the surrogate’s body. In this case, the child will be genetically linked with the intended parent. In other cases, the couple needs a donor to complete the procedure.

·         The fertilization process is the next step of the procedure where the eggs and the sperm get fertilize in the lab. If the egg is collected by the donor and the sperm is of an intended father then the father will be the genetic link between the parent and the child. If the sperm is collected from a donor which is then kept with the mother’s egg for the fertilization process, the mother will be genetically linked with the child.

·         The intended parents can work on this theory on their own as well by following the legal procedure of finding a carrier. But the majority of the couple finds the best surrogacy center in Delhi to avoid any complications.

·         After the fertilization process, the surrogate carries the child like any other normal pregnancy and pass the child to the intended parents after giving birth. The intended parents will have to follow a the legal procedure for that and they should have full legal custody of the child.


The introduction of gestational surrogacy is new and it is complicated so there is not any proper guidance that can be followed. The intended parents are advised by the best surrogacy doctors in Delhi to keep a legal representative with them throughout the procedure who can guide them and also protects the rights of the surrogate and parents.

In the case of genetic linkage were one of the parents is linked with the child is the less complicated surrogacy law instead of where both the parents are not genetically connected with the child.  

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