Facts About Liver Transplantation

by Hariom Sharma Digital Marketing Expert

Liver transplantation is a surgery that is done to remove the diseased or the failed liver from the recipient’s body and place a healthy vital organ from a donor body. The process of liver transplantation gives people a second chance at life.  Liver transplant is also called hepatic transplant and can save someone’s live when their liver no longer works.

Why does one need a liver transplant?

Liver diseases can be severe enough that people might need immediate liver transplant. In adults the most common cause of liver failure is cirrhosis. It is a condition where the liver slowly deteriorates and malfunctions due to chronic injury.

The causes of cirrhosis include:

·         alcohol usage

·         chronic hepatitis B

·         chronic hepatitis C

·         non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

·         autoimmune hepatitis

·         metabolic disorders

Things that will determine whether you require a transplant or not:

·         how severe is your condition

·         what other medical conditions you have

·         do you have a history of tuberculosis

·         chronic infections like HIV

·         evaluation of your overall physical condition

·         your mental health

·         and support of your family

The doctor has to weigh before conducting a liver transplant whether the surgery will be successful and will extend a person’s life.

The process of transplantation:

The waiting is the long process once when a match is found it is easy to coordinate and schedule a surgery. The liver can be from a live donor or a deceased donor whose brain death is declared by a team of medical experts.

Recovery from the surgery:

After getting a transplant done it is mandatory for the patient to stay in the hospital for 3 weeks. The doctor needs to evaluate your condition and need to form a proper treatment plan for you to recover completely.

Complications from a liver transplant:

·         The biggest risk can be transplantation failure which will lead to the death of the patient

·         The new liver can put you at high risk of getting infection

·         bleeding

·         damage to bile ducts

·         formation of blood clots

·         side effects of medications

There is a shortage of organs in India today we need a lot more organ donors to meet the demand. One of the biggest reasons of donor shortage is lack of awareness about organ donation and the lack of immediate emergency response.

Organ donation is one the best gift you can give someone, your decision today to save someone’s life can change their quality of life and give them a second chance. Don’t wait, pledge your organs today.

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