Factors to Know About Kitchen Drainage and Water Supply

by Adam Fan Engineering Your Life

One can feel totally helpless at times, when their kitchen sink drain gets clogged and the water won’t pass. With all the water backing up, and filling the whole basin with dirty water and dishes can be absolutely frustrating.

Similarly, another kitchen problem can be the high water pressure. Having high water pressure can out extreme stress on fixtures like your sink, which can lead to pretty expensive repairs. You keep the pressure under control by regularly keeping a check on it. 

That’s exactly when you need a water pressure regulator. It keeps the water pressure under control and where it should be kept.


These are some of the kitchen problems which many of you can face, but there are quick and easy solutions to these problems too. You can solve these problems on your own at home without having to call any plumber.

How to unclog the sink drains-

  • Disposal-

Always check and make sure there is no garbage or left over food which is causing the blockage.A clogged disposal stops the drains from passing anything, therefore, run the disposal for checking if that can clear up the clog. Then, check it to be sure whether its running correctly or not. If the disposal is overheated, you should probably need to flip its switch which can be found either on the bottom Goethe side of the unit present underneath the sink.

  • Boiling water-

It is the most easy and the least expensive solution. It is almost the best one to try. Just boil some water. While the water gets boiled, try your best to remove the excess stagnant water from the sink, using either a mug. Then pour all the boiled water in the sink and wait. Usually this way, slowly the clogging clears up, but if it doesn’t unclog at one go, then let the water cool down, and then repeat the process again. Eventually the clogged drain will clear up.

How to adjust water pressure manually-

As the water pressure keeps shifting through the whole year, you might just want to adjust the water pressure and keep it within 50-80 psi range. The water pressure regulators have a screw on the top which can be turned on for lowering or raising the water pressure of the household.

Therefore, these were some quick and easy solutions to some of the Kitchen Sink Drain and plumbing problems. Make sure when you buy a kitchen drain strainer, it is durable, and rust proof with no leaks. Also, choose a product which is easy to install and can be done at home using the installation instruction.


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