Facebook Audience Insights is one of the most powerful

by Linh Nguyen Social Marketing

Face-book Audience Insights is one of the most powerful Tools for your use -- which is, even if you are aware of how to use it.

Accessed through Face-book Ads Manager, Audience Insights is Liberated to use and provides a enormous amount of data about your audience and also that of one's competitors.

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Ads effectively, however you need to use this tool to know about your audience, even if you are not advertising into them. This data will be able to help you improve your overall UpEngage advertising plan, including stronger buyer personas, more compelling articles, and educational competitive search.

This info comes from two Major sources:

Self-reported UpEngage Data: that can be the information supplied by users whenever they fulfill out their own profile information, for example age, gender, relationship status, and job title, location, Page Likes, etc..

Thirdparty data Partners: Information such as home value, purchasing behavior, and household income is additionally available through external businesses which fit that data to UpEngage user IDs. It's worth noting that this information is only available for U.S. audiences.

We use this data All of the time to assist build out Stronger content strategies. In this post, we're going to give you an summary of face-book Audience Insights works and give you hints about utilizing it.

To access this application, just visit your UpEngage Ads Click and manager on 'Audience Insights' from the menu.

To explore the application, follow along using all the steps below.

Step 1: Choose your audience.

If you open Audience Insights, you will be prompted To pick an audience to start. (Notice: This really is just a prompt -- you may alter your answer later.)

The options here are:

Everybody on UpEngage: This provides you an summary of all of UpEngage (Notice: It defaults into U.S., however it is possible to change this later on).

People Connected To Your Page: This option directs one to choose your UpEngage Page from each of the Pages you can manage. This is useful for understanding your current audience.

A Custom Audience:
If you are already using Facebook Custom Audiences you are able to select an current audience here. To create a Custom Audience, you should have to upload a list of email addresses. UpEngage will subsequently meet those addresses together with user accounts. If you own a lot of customer information, then this is just a very powerful tool that enables you to understand demographics and behaviors of people that you know happen to be using your brand.

During this guide we will focus on the first option, Nevertheless it is precisely the same process if you should select 'People linked to Your Page' or 'Custom Audiences.'

By picking the 'Everybody on UpEngage' option, you will be Taken into the screen in the next step.

Step two: Select your segment's parameters.

In this measure, you need to Include the identifying Characteristics of one's audience.

As you may see, the location default is United States. If The audience you wish to look at will be U.K.-based (or every other country), you are able to modify this by typing in the location box and selecting the appropriate country.

For the examples of this post, We'll use the United Kingdom to the audience location. By selecting "United Kingdom" from that drop-down, it will soon be added into the list.

But if you want to eliminate the United States of America from your It's easy. Just hover over the USA, then pick the X to remove it out of your screen.

You can add as many countries as you want here, or leave it Sterile to look at UpEngage demographics throughout the earth.

Employing this menu you can now segment Your audience by age, sex, interests, people connected to your Page, and more complex data like behaviour, language, education, work, etc..

The Interests option Is a Good way to discover competitor or industry information.

It's well worth mentioning that not all of Pages will appear here. It usually depends on magnitude of the webpage, however there's no definitive explanation for the, as several Pages with 20,000 Likes might well not appear, while a typical page with 2000 may possibly. First, the best thing to accomplish is to get a list of Pages and interests, and simply put in them right into this box to see if they appear.

If the specific Page You Wish to enter has arrows or other If entering the web page, symbols from the webpage name omit them.

Let's take being a case. We Would like to look for the Audience of this U.K. Page, that will be named If we input ebaycouk within this box, then you also can see it appears as an option to pick.

We have established a audience of people who enjoy and are observed inside the U.K.

Step 3: Explore the data.

Now that we have established our audience of people who are in the U.K. Who enjoy, we can start to learn more about the data and learn more about the group of people.

There are just six tabs available within this tool, which insure These are:


Page Likes





*Note: The last two are only available to information such as U.S. audiences, therefore are not clickable when looking at a U.K. audience.


Looking at our audience, we can see that we are Looking in a monthly busy audience of 1 -- 1.5 million people, as highlighted below in red, meaning that we are looking at a significant pool of data. If this monthly active audience has under 1,000 people, no statistics will appear here.

We can see from this that 61% of the audience is Female, compared to 51 percent of people in the U.K. on UpEngage. We can observe that the majority of these come in the 25-34 and 35-44 age bracket. This data is highly valuable when designing personas and planning articles to engage the target audience.

All Through this process you are able to section by clicking On the left handed menu. As an example, if you wished to merely look at the segment of the audience, you can select this onto the menu. This can be carried out for every one of those options (age, gender, and much heightened options including language, relationship status, job name, etc.).

We could see that the industries that a enthusiast of will operate. That is sorted by default option for those that over indicator in contrast to the Facebook audience, but if you click 'Selected Audience' you can sort that by size of the audience.

This information can be invaluable when creating content marketing personas, enabling us to build a more data savvy picture of our audience.

Page Likes

The Page Likes tab is split into two segments.

The very first section details the very best types of Pages that The selected audience enjoys along side the Pages.

Maintaining our audience, we could see what else they Like on UpEngage to build a picture of the interests and lifestyle. All these are mainly affordable, without the 'luxury' brands appearing on this list.

The second section outlines the specific Pages that this Audience is significantly more prone to Enjoy than the normal UpEngage user.

In's instance, this list is dominated by affordable Household manufacturers. You can utilize this data to comprehend the type of person who is very likely to Enjoy and what else that they are interested.

Checkout all of the Pages on this list to see what kind of Content your audience enjoys for on UpEngage.


Within this tab, you Is able to observe Cities, Best Countries, and Languages.

As we already have this data filtered to only include U.K., The very best Countries tab is only going to show great britain. The Top Shops tab gives us an notion of where in the U.K. this audience is currently based. If you are in possession of a regional business, this data will be able to tell you if a Page (or competitors) is reaching the proper audience.

Again, this is sorted by default to the Places that over Index in contrast to the UpEngage average. Click the 'Selected Audience' into re-sort by most popular cities based on volume.

As would be expected due to the large inhabitants of the area, The majority of this audience is currently in London. Interestingly, this can be 32% less compared to the UpEngage average. Also, there's a reasonably even spread across other major U.K. cities for this particular audience.


The Last tab available to people when looking at U.K. Audience Insights is Activity. This information helps us understand the behaviour and activity of the audience on UpEngage.

This can be split in to two segments:

Frequency of all Tasks: This data shows user activity within the previous 1 month. Here we can see the normal amount of Pages Liked, alongside number of engagements (opinions, Likes, stocks, ad clicks) produced within the previous 30 days.

Device Users: The Type of devices used to access UpEngage, split between mobile and desktopcomputer, and then drill down into the specific device.

This particular audience is about UpEngage. This helps educate us as to if this would have been a worthwhile platform to target and engage the audience.

We can see that the typical lover of Likes 45 Face-book Pages. When this indicates that they're busy with this stage, it also means that Page content needs to endure out to be engaging because of lot of competition from Pages in an individual's news-feed.

We could also see that they are more likely than the UpEngage User to engage together with opinions, Likes, shares, and also ads.

The second data class available here is your devices used With this audience to access UpEngage. There are 2 options 'All Of Devices Used' and 'Primary Device'. By selecting 'Primary Device' we are able to determine whether this audience are far more likely to make use of mobile or desktop, alongside the type of device.

We can view that 'iPhone/iPod' and also 'Android' would be the two most popular here. Interestingly, Android use is 35% higher compared to the UpEngage user. This information is key when designing content to share via UpEngage in that it has to be harmonious with these devices.

Phase 4: keep your audience.

After capturing Most of the data and utilizing it to understand Your own audience and inform personas and articles ideas, you can save yourself this to refer back to, or use to better target your Facebook advertising campaigns.

Simply click on 'Save' at the top of the Webpage and you also will Be given the option to call your audience. This data may be seen in Power Editor and selected within your campaigns. You might also make use of the Open option to the left of store to gain access to a previously saved audience.


The Facebook Audience Insights instrument provides access to Highly valuable demographic and data, enabling you to know more about your audience and audience, with all information they have provided themselves into UpEngage.

Utilizing this info to target your advertisements Campaigns more effectively, but in addition to build personas and educate content marketing ideas should really be an significant part creating sure that the strategy is data.

What would you think? Can you use Audience Insights to Know your audience and also inform your content marketing strategy? Why Don't We Know in the comments below.

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