Exploring the Benefits of QToys for Children's Development: A Literature Review

by Ethan Robert Digital Marketing Consultant

QToys is an Australian owned company that designs and manufactures eco friendly wooden educational toys, teaching tools and children's furniture. Their products are designed to encourage critical thinking and self-guided learning through exciting & engaging play.

All their toys are made from plantation timber using non-toxic child safe oils, and all products are ethically produced. They do not employ unskilled labour as is often reported in the plastic toy industry, but instead train disabled children in Vietnam who want to work in this area.

Letter Writing Board

The Letter Writing Board is a great way to engage your child in the art of letter writing and it also doubles as a playmat for sensory activities. The wooden stylus included helps your little writer learn the correct strokes and make the right connections. A multi-sensory activity that will keep children engaged for hours!

QToys produce some of the best educational toys on the market and they have a stellar track record for safety. They comply with Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards as well as European ones. You can purchase their wares from their online store or via a direct mail campaign.

This is a fun toy that will last a long time and help your little one improve their handwriting skills, hone their fine motor skills and even develop their vocabulary. The board has an innovative and stylish design that will stand the test of time and provide your child with hours of entertainment.


In recent years, the llama has become a popular trend for kids' clothing, home decor, and toys. Their fluffy, South American appearance is making them a hit everywhere from the New York Toy Fair to Australia.

In Minecraft, llamas are neutral mobs that can be tamed by players. They can also be used to transport items using chests on their backs.

Llamas spawn naturally in Savanna and Extreme Hills Biomes in herds of 4-5. They are Neutral but become hostile when attacked, spitting at their attacker once and dealing damage.

Nesting/Stacking Blocks

Inspired by Montessori, these sorting, nesting and stacking blocks are an all-in-one learning toy for toddlers. They look beautiful and feature bright colors, and they are a good size for little hands!

These hollow blocks in various shapes and colors offer hours of open-ended play. They are perfect for sorting and nesting, but can also be used for loose parts play and other creative activities. They are a great way to teach kids beginning number skills, color recognition, and problem-solving abilities, and they can help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, too. They are made from plantation timber and use child-safe, non-toxic materials to conform to Australian and New Zealand safety standards. They are a great addition to any child’s room or playroom! Australia wide shipping.

Lap Desk

A lap desk is a type of writing table that is often used in bed. These modern desks are smaller and much simpler than their antique counterparts, and can usually have only a drawer or holding space for a ballpoint pen and a pencil. They can also often have a built-in battery powered lamp.

If your kids like to write or draw, they will appreciate a comfy and portable lap desk! These can be made of lightweight materials and will fit into a travel bag so they can go wherever their imagination takes them! Some can even have storage space underneath, so children can easily store their supplies. This is a fun way to let your kids do homework, read books, draw, snack, and have lots of creative play! They will also love this desk’s cute stickers!

Alphabet Blocks

Wooden blocks have long been used to help children learn letters and numbers. They can also be used for open-ended play that encourages children to express themselves and explore the world around them.

QToys Alphabet Blocks are made from sustainably crafted Australian Pine and are a great learning tool for kids. Each set consists of 30 square blocks with printed letters and pictograms on each side.

During the mid-1800s, sturdy paper discs were popular alphabet toys for children to dump out and mix up, then rearrange to spell words. They also served as stackable building blocks, helping children develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Though it may seem like alphabet blocks are a relatively new idea, they actually have their roots in Elizabethan times. They were first mentioned by English philosopher John Locke in 1693.

Hundred Board

The Hundred Board is a great tool to use with young children as they learn the concept of numbers 1 - 100. It is also a fantastic way to improve children’s understanding of number order and sequencing.

This numbered board uses small, easily identifiable number tiles from 1 - 100 and helps children to understand how each tile fits into the sequence. It can be used with a control card to guide the process, which can be helpful for older children and those who have difficulty placing the numbers in their correct order.

This tactile number board is a classic piece of play equipment that will be enjoyed by kids for years to come! It also includes coloured wooden balls that will help children to identify numbers and counting.

Foam Letters & Numbers

QToys has a range of foam letters and numbers that are useful for learning. They are easy to manipulate and come in a variety of sizes so they can be used for a variety of projects. They are also durable and lightweight so they can be used to add emphasis to school projects and crafts.

The Foam Letters & Numbers can be a great way to get children started on learning the alphabet and counting skills. These foam pieces can be placed on a play mat or used in the bathtub to help children learn how to spell simple words. They also come in a variety of colors so they can be easily matched with other items. They are soft and safe for children to play with and can be taken on trips or in the car.

Magnetic Letter Board

A great way to teach children about letters and spelling, the Magnetic Letter Board is a great idea and can be used in a variety of ways. Toddlers will love tracing the letters on the board to learn how to write the capital letters and there’s also a wooden stylus included for practice writing. The board can be filled with colourful sand to add hands on fun to the learning process and is ideal for early learning centres, therapy rooms and Montessori and Steiner settings. The best part is, it’s also eco-friendly. All QToys products are made from sustainable rubberwood and finished with child-safe oils. Suitable for ages 2+. Australia Wide shipping to all states and territories including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra.

Shapes Learning Board

The Shapes Learning Board is a great way to teach children about shapes, colors and size. It is crafted from plantation timber and uses non-toxic and child-safe materials. It helps children learn about spatial relationships and problem-solving skills, which will help them develop their critical thinking abilities. It is also a fun activity that will encourage children to use their creativity and imagination. This toy is a good choice for children of all ages, especially toddlers.

QToys is a Melbourne-based, Australian-owned company that designs and manufactures a variety of eco-friendly educational toys and pre-school equipment. Its products are made from sustainably sourced rubber wood, stained with natural dyes and finished with child-safe oils. They are designed for use by children up to five years of age and are intended for indoor use only. Due to the nature of handmade toys, details and texture may vary from one product to the next.

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