Explore All the New Features in iOS and How to Use Them on Your iPhone & iPad

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In the core Operating System, iOS 12 was released on September 17, 2018 with significant improvements. Thus, this iOS results in improved responsiveness, faster performance, and smooth interaction with older devices. The hardware requirements for iOS 12 are same as that of iOS 11. This article has brought to you the best new features of the iOS 12 software that an iOS user should be aware of. So, let’s know all the new features in iOS and how to use them on your iPhone and iPad. Get in touch with us for an iPhone or iPad repair service in Dubai for further assistance.


Know All the New Features Available in iOS and How to Exploit them to the Fullest


iOS offers the following opportunities that iPhone and iPad users should grab eagerly.


1)Faster Launching of Apps and Share Sheet Display


This performant OS assures 40% faster app launch even when you are multitasking between lots of apps. The system keyboard pops up faster than on the previous versions of iOS and saves your time. As a result, typing on the virtual keyboard becomes more responsive and delights fast typists. Thus, one can think of installing iOS 12 for optimum utilization of their older hardware. You can now easily swipe to camera from the lock screen of your iOS device and capture a moment instantly. Unlike earlier iOS editions, the Share sheet immediately pops up especially if you have installed too many Share sheet extensions. Hence Sharing sheet has become two times faster with heavy multitasking.


2)Multitasking and Responsiveness


Once you start using iOS 12, you would realize what significant changes have come to your device. But, if you witness a deterioration in the performance of your device, then wait for the device to finish the post install processes. To do so, connect your device to a power outlet, turn on the WiFi and let it finish up tasks like iCloud data sync, photo reindexing, etc. It has a more responsive user-interface while your device is undergoing multitasking or running several apps simultaneously. You can even watch smoother animations by installing iOS 12.




The appreciated enhancements of iOS is more accessible to people with disabilities.


RTT and Speak Selection


The Speak Selection feature of your iOS device let you speak the text you have selected. Thus, you can choose the Siri voice and your iPhone can read your selected text. To speak a selected text, open the Settings app on your device. Then tap ‘General’ and choose ‘Accessibility.’ Now, select ‘Speech’ and tap the ‘Voices’ button to let your device read the text in one of Siri voices.


Live Listen


Live Listen now supports AirPods to improve the function of your earphones. You can thereby turn your iOS device into a directional microphone and hear more clearly.


Go to ‘Settings’ and access the Control Center on the ‘Settings’ window. Choose ‘Customize Controls’ and check the ear shaped hearing item under the ‘More Controls’ menu. Note that the ear shaped icon won’t be visible if AirPods aren’t connected to your device. To enable or disable the Live Listen, pull down the Control Center overlay and turn on or off the toggle for the hearing icon. To access additional options, just press and hold the hearing icon. Use the Volume button of your iPhone to increase or decrease the sound volume even when the screen is black.


Those of you are using a real MFi-enabled hearing aid for live Listen, can adjust the additional options as per your preference. So, go to ‘Settings’ and navigate to the ‘General’ tab under it. Tap ‘Accessibility’ and select ‘MFi Hearing Devices’ to choose presets for different environments.


4)Augmented Reality


iOS 12 enables users to experience the augmented reality and track objects effectively.


Persistent and Multi-user Experiences


iOS 12 allows the apps on your device to save and reload the scene right from where you left it. Thus it makes easier for you to work with multi-session scenes and share them in no time. Now 3D objects remain fixed to their position with utmost accuracy. Along with this, you can play multiplayer games with your friends present in the same room. You can even create a piece of digital art and save it to be viewed afterwards by someone else.


Scene Analysis and Tracking with Facetime


The augmented reality kit of iOS 12 can identify how your device is oriented to 3D objects for improving your experience. Thus, the virtual objects are now able to reflect the real-world scene in the camera. The face tracking feature can capture each and every moment of yours. You can add text effects like emoji and speech bubbles to your photos and videos. You can use built-in features like classic black and white or watercolor to transform your look. You can make FaceTime calls with a maximum of 32 people at the same time from your iPhone. Moreover, it is easy to tap the silent notification of Group FaceTime and join other members at any time.


USDZ File Format and AR Quick Look


It is a new format to respond to 3D rich augmented reality contents and animations for mobile devices. Whereas, Quick Look is a system feature that facilitates the preview of contents without opening an app. Thus, users can experience the augmented reality in apps like Messages, Files, News, and Safari.


Measure App


This app lets you draw straight lines vertically as well as horizontally to measure objects and surfaces.




This feature of iOS 12 includes grouping, instant tuning, critical alerts, and quiet delivery. Hence users have more freedom and authority to modify the settings as per their choice.


Grouping and Instant Tuning


iOS enables your device to group message threads and notification topics together so that they are accessible at a glance. You can even control the notification settings on your device while receiving an alert.


Deliver Quietly and Quick Reply


You can choose the option of receiving the notifications silently in order to prevent interruptions. You can touch the notification and quickly reply to messages with an expression of heart or thumbs up.


Critical alerts


It is a unique way of getting alerts for important information like current affairs or reports from a healthcare provider. Moreover, you are going to receive these alerts when your phone is in ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode.


6)Do Not Disturb


You can dim the display of your iPhone and silent the notifications overnight. So, you won’t be receiving any notifications unless you unlock your iPhone. Furthermore, you can choose to end ‘Do Not Disturb’ automatically at the end of a meeting or leaving a certain location.




You can create strong passwords automatically in Safari and iOS apps by using your iPhone. These passwords are moved to iCloud Keychain and are available on all Apple devices. You can simply ask Siri if you require these passwords immediately.


Besides this, the enhancements of iOS 12 improve the overall security of your device by restoring users privacy. You can effortlessly share passwords from your nearby iOS devices to a Mac or Apple TV. If one of your passwords has been reused, then you would be greyed out in the passwords list. Thus, you can open the particular app and replace the password with a strong one. You can obtain third-party adoption and access the passwords stored in third-party password managers. Go to ‘Setting,’ tap ‘Password and Accounts’ and choose ‘Autofill Passwords.’ Then navigate to the ‘Allow Filling From’ section and enable your preferred third-party password source.


8)Automatic software update and Battery Information


A new feature of iOS 12 initiates the automatic installation of iOS software updates on your iPhone. Hence you can relax as these updates would be installed overnight without bothering you. Apart from this, the battery usage chart in Settings displays the amount of battery consumed by various apps. You just need to open the ‘Settings’ app and tap a bar to see the battery usage for last 24 hours to 10 days.




iOs 12 has made it easier to scroll across the photos stored in your iOS device. You can mention the place or businesses and search for the required photos.




Your iOS devices now generate better photos in the portrait mode. If you want, then the camera of your device elegantly detects a person and separates him from the scene. The iOS comes with a new API for separating the background from the foreground while taking photos.


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