Explaining How Deck Sanding Can Boost Your Property Resale Value?

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A common question for most homeowners is - ‘Should a deck be sanded before proper finishing?’ 

The truth is, there are some deck surfaces, particularly unsealed decks that are more prone to water exposure. Those roughened surfaces don’t take sealants well and the only way to manage it is pressure washing the wooden surface. 

It is one good way to remove the rough pieces of wood and present it a nice smooth finish. After the washing is done; one can sand their decks with the help of a power sander, some sandpaper and a hand-held oscillating equipment. 

Why Hire Pros For This?

Deck sanding is a pivotal part of your deck remodelling and to achieve the best results; one should always hire professionals with plenty of experience to get the task done on your behalf. After all, a proper deck sanding work can increase the house’s resale value considerably- i.e., if one intends to sell it off in the future!

Top-rated deck sanding experts will always present a variety of options tailored to meet the needs of different house owners. Be it a full sand and seal operations to basic washing and coating; one can hire these professionals and get it done perfectly. Along with getting the decks sanded properly, these professionals will also present advice to maintain the deck condition. 

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What Steps Do These Professionals Take For Proper Deck Sanding?

A proper sanding operation doesn’t only make the wooden deck look stunning; it also reduces the maintenance cost and ensures that its longevity stays intact. These factors tilt the balance in a homeowner’s favour when they eventually intend to sell off their homes in the future.

A professional deck sanding treatment is done in 4 simple steps.

1. Thorough Deck Inspection

These licensed deck sanding experts in Perth will inspect the deck surface and look for any kind of imperfections, darkened wood surfaces, mould growth, loose planks or rotten wooden surfaces which call out for replacements. These inspections and repairs are pivotal to achieving an immaculate sanding job.

2. Proper Cleaning Of the Surface:

To clean the surface, licensed sanding experts will avoid using any chlorine based removers as it can damage the wood surface and form a strange-white/greyish shade on the wooden surface. With time, this shade leads to chemical reactions after UV exposure.

Instead, these experts will use more of a hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution based on oxygen to eliminate the shade. They apply it and allow it to stay for 15-20 mins, and using a bristle broom, scrape off all the existing dirt and impurities.

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3. Power Washing the Deck Surface

These experts will also use power washers to ensure that the decks are cleaned effectively. A low-pressure setting is optimal for such wooden decks-something like 500-600 psi. 
For harder wooden surfaces, these pros will use a high pressure setting such as 1200-1500 psi to achieve their desired cleaning results.

4. Complete Sanding:

Finally, the most crucial aspect of sanding is selecting the right grit mainly something like 60-80 grit. When working on handrails, the grit should be around 80-200.
To achieve the best results, these floor sanding professionals in Perth will present homeowners with premium sanding options and that too at budget-friendly rates.

So, for those who want to get their decks properly sanded, it is best to hire these experts ASAP. They will get the task done within its set timeline and turn the outdoor space into one solaceful relaxing spot. 

Plus, it gives you immense peace of mind knowing that they will get an impressive ROI on selling the house.  It is a win-win situation for them.

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