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Online medical practitioners are a modern way to have prescribed, treated and also diagnosed. Rather than sparing time and efforts to visit a medical expert or urgent care centers, you can now be treated in the coziness of your own home by simply logging-in to that particular online medical service provider you have considered. This has made medical services not just affordable, however more pervasive reaching out to even the most remote places.

Urgent care centers vs. online consultations

The United States of America has about 7100 urgent care centers and each pulls off an average of 14000 visits. Now, as essential as urgent medical centers are to the community health, they are also associated with certain drawbacks which sometimes hinder the accessibility. Well, thanks to the technological advancements that now people can take medical advice and also be prescribed in real-time from wherever they are right at the moment.

Some still can’t believe in the fact that they can be treated remotely, which is probably why, online medical treatment is still a thing to wonder about.

Walk-in clinics or what are otherwise called urgent care centers are an important healthcare source for communities in any society across the world. Often they provide more reasonable medical solution to those who have no health insurance or face accessibility issue due to language barrier, physical disability and background.

One of the major issues is the deteriorating numbers. Falling resources and dearth of unemployment have caused the declination of urgent care centers. This basically means a short supply of a service that yet remains in high demand. Besides, those that remain open have limited service hours and are often closed on weekends. This is still a big problem for those who are into 9-to-5 jobs.

This has been forcing many potential patients to drive to the neighboring town to get even the basic healthcare. This, however, poses its own difficulties. On top of traffic and gas money, driving to a distant place is always a problem especially for those who don’t own a car, and so have to take the public transport.

All of these factors eventually lead to exasperatingly longer wait time and also overfilled waiting rooms. It only adds more mental and physical stress, which could turn detrimental to the health.

Jammed waiting rooms as well make you more vulnerable to possible medical checkup associated infections. It gets so easy for any human body to pick up an infection at these medical clinics. Imagine a congested room with only sick people – how more contagious could something be?

Advantages of online medical treatments

Telehealth and online medical treatments services do away with most of existing downsides of physical medical clinics and better on the process offering more simplified and streamlined solutions.

No geographical boundaries

Waiting for the bus, driving through tight traffic, fuel refilling and also parking collectively makes a major issue when one is out on the street! With online medical treatment service, you can avoid all of these. You have access to a large-range of experienced and comprehensively trained medical practitioners without having to drive to a remote area. Even though your place has no physical urgent care centers, it won’t affect your treatment at all. Your doctor is just a video call away.

Bettering on self-diagnosis

With internet connection, it gets easy for you to find any information you need from anywhere. Regrettably, this often leads one to the misdiagnosis. Reading medical blogs and articles could indeed give you some necessary information regarding basic health, however that might not be useful to what’s precisely bothering your health. Each human body is different. An article, written with the mass in mind can never be solution to your medical condition.

At best, the wrong self-diagnosis won’t have any effect, leaving you all miserable and hard-hearted. At worst, the incorrect self-diagnosis can prove dangerous and also lead you to some severe complications. Online medical treatments are an important improvement from looking up symptoms in Google. They allow you the chance to speak with a real medical professional, receive the right diagnosis and also get a customized checkup plan. There will be no more guessing as to your current medical conditions.

A cost-effective solution

Online medical treatments present a cost-effective solution. Many online medical professionals accept most health insurance policies, enabling you for physical visits that would have cost you more if you had only gone for it.

Without medical insurance, an in-person medical professional visit costs on average $150. Now, if you compare, speaking to an online medical professional without medical insurance costs you on average about $50 to $100 only. Besides, most of these online medical treatment services have fixed fee for a certain number of visits.

In terms of expense, online medical treatments are most beneficial to those patients, who have no healthcare insurance nor have high deductibles. This reduced cost mandates that patients who would usually stay step back are seeking medical assistance and getting better.

Pix Health is one such Online Medical Treatment that you can rely upon when it’s hard to take leave from work or you’re simply lazing around on a lazy Sunday.

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