Exercises to Increase Height – How Well Do They Work?

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Exercises to increase height are all the rage it seems and if you lack height then you are probably willing to try anything short of surgery to feel taller and be taller. Lack of height affects almost every facet of a person’s life and only those who have felt that can understand how desperate a person can be to not only feel taller, but actually be taller too! Hopefully you are not desperate enough to try off the wall devices to increase height because they are pretty much so much bunk.

However some exercises combined with a good regime of nutrition (right amounts of the right stuff) changes in sleep habits (bad posture in sleep ruins all the day time training) and persistence can produce results.

Our spines which are almost half of our height (around 40%), over time compress, bad posture, age, and habits compress them. Some people never decompress their spines and hence they are shorter, and it occurs not by natural design or even genetics but due to lifestyle and habits. Now combine this with less than perfect nutrition for bone growth, poor or no exercises to increase height and what have you got? Well, a recipe for a person shorter than they were meant to be is usually the answer.

There is not nearly enough space here to give you more than a couple of exercises to increase height but these should start you on the road to becoming taller.

Side Stretches are a basic warm up exercise and you should stand with your feet flat on the floor about shoulder width apart. Lift your left arm up run your right arm down the side of your leg as you bend to the right. Go down and hold for three breaths then slowly back up. Switch sides.

With your hands on your hips and your legs shoulder width apart bend forward toward the floor holding at the lowest position five seconds then slowly pull upright and repeat.

There is good reason to stress exercises to increase height as part of the overall strategy. A person can lose much of their natural height and not even know it due to bad posture, bad sleeping habits, poor nutrition and the lack of proper exercise. Changing one factor alone will not make for a marked and rapid increase in height. It requires a studied approach to the problem that tackles all the issues at once.

If your stature is affecting your every day life, your social life and perhaps even your job, then in this day and age of self improvement it is time to do something positive to change it. Let your body work for you and assist it with the right foods, the right sleep and posture and the right exercise. For more information on exercises to increase height and to help your body gain those extra inches – visit and learn what it can do for you and your height.

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